THE GOOD SAMARITAN… Jesus talked about.

“Beloved, if God so loved us, we ought also to love one another.”–John 4:11

A certain man named Julio Diaz, a special man, this Julio Dias.
Mr. Julio Dias is a professional social worker and one winter evening as he was making his way to his favorite eatery in the city of New York, a young man with a knife did accost him demanding the 31- year old’s wallet.
It was a bitterly cold winter evening and without objection or rancor Julio Dias gave the young mugger his wallet.

The young attacker walked away counting the money from his victim’s wallet and then, he heard the voice of Julio Dias call out to him. The young mugger was taken aback, and he turned and walked back to the man he just robbed.
Julio Dias had taken off his winter coat and as the mugger walked to him he offered the young robber his coat.
The young attacker was transfixed by the kindness coming from Mr. Julio Dias.

Mr. Julio Dias spoke:

“Here, take my coat it will keep you warm, if you are willing to risk your life for a few dollars, then I guess you need the money.”

The young mugger was in a state of disbelief and when he did finally find his voice again he asked:

“Why do you care if I’m warm or not?”

A serious conversation was started and soon respect and human decency took hold of the boy mugger.
Julio Dias asked the teenager to come have dinner with him.
The young teenager accepted the invitation and the two had a wonderful time together and a great meal.
The check for dinner was brought to Mr. Julio Dais and then he began to chuckle.
He looked at the boy and reminded the boy that he had his wallet with the money.
The boy handed back the wallet with all the money and Mr. Julio Dias paid for their dinner.

Julio Dias took a twenty-dollar bill from all the money and he handed the money to the boy on condition the boy give him the knife. The boy gladly gave Julio Dias the knife for the twenty-dollar bill.
The boy and Julio Dias left the restaurant together in peace and respect for one another.

Julio Dias is the “GOOD SAMARITAN” that Jesus spoke of.
The good work here displayed by Julio Dias is the light that Jesus tells us we should walk in and then and only then will we truly be His disciples.


Today is Easter Sunday, and before I go, please let me remind you again of the blessed His blessed words.

“By this all men know that ye are My disciples, if ye have love to one another.”
–John 13:55

Peace & Love to all those who walk in His light and His grace.

Charles Micheaux
Atlanta, Georgia


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