FRENCH 101 / Basic French

“It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge.”
–Albert Einstein

My dear friend, BABYLON and I both study French, we are also both writers and some months ago we began to study together. I thought it would be fun to open our study program up to others and BABYLON agreed.
I asked BABYLON if she would help me with the basic French course going forward and she has said she will do a few workshops with me.

So, let me introduce you all to BABYLON:

BABYLON is one of the most talented young writers I know; she makes her home in the great city of Chicago.
She is on Twitter and I highly recommend you check out her Twitter page.
No one puts a smile on my face like BABYLON; each morning I go to her page to be entertained and informed.

Now, my goal is to do a French class each Monday and again this is basic French and fun.
BABYLON predicted the Chicago Cubs would win the world series in 2016 and they did!
She also wrote the best essay of 2016 for Micheaux Publishing, which was her essay on the Chicago Cubs.

Now, shall we begin?


Let’s begin with the basics.

Hello – Bonjour (bon-zhoor)

Pleased to meet you – Enchante ( on-shon-tay)

Thank you – Merci ( mair-see)

You’re welcome – Je vous en prie ( zher-voo- zon-pree)

My name is Charles – Je ‘m appelle Charles ( zhuh-mah- pel Charles)

What’s your name? – Comment vous appelez-vous? ( ko-mon – vuh- zah-play-voo)

Nice to meet you – Enchante’ ( on- shon-tay)

Yes – Qui ( wee)

No – Non (non)

Please – S’il vous plait ( seel voo play)

Thank you – Merci (mair-see)

You’re welcome – Je vous en prie ( zher voo- zon pree)

Good night/ Good evening – Bonsoir ( bon-swar)

Goodbye – Au revoir ( o rer-vwar)

How are you? – Comment allez-vous ( ko-mon ta-lay- voo)

Fine, thanks, Bien, merci ( byun mair-see)

Mr.- Monsieur ( mer-syer)

Mrs. – Madame

Miss – Mademoiselle ( mad- mwa-zel)

I’m having a great time! – Je m’ amuse bien! ( zher ma- mewz- byun)

Do you understand? – Vous comprenez? ( voo- kom-prer-nay)

I don’t understand. – Je ne comprends pas. ( zher- ner kom- pron-pa)

I’d like to practice French. – Je voudrais parler en francais. ( zher- voo- dray- par-lay- on- fron-say)

I speak a little French. – je parle un peu. ( zher parl um poo)


Motherf*%*@$! – Encule de ta mere!

Son-of-a-bitch – Fils de pute

Go to hell! – Va te faire!

Asshole! – Salaud!

Well friends I guess that pretty much wraps things up this week.

Jusqu’ au lundi prochain – Until next Monday.

Au revoir – Goodbye

Charles Micheaux
Atlanta, Georgia


I do recommend going to Walmart and buying 100 3×5 index cards to practice your French when you have some spare practice time. French is a great language to know.


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