The best grand prize you will ever enjoy is family*

Cook County Hospital
Chicago, Il
10:00 P.M.

Lord, I’m so tired of all this killin’ I am just plain worn out from the utter madness of so much senseless violence going around. Everywhere I turn there’s some poor soul done been killed…our children are not even safe in their own home or school. Sunday, Sunday, on Easter Sunday a man shot a 74-year old man just walking down the street minding his own business; that man wasn’t bothering NOBODY! Killed that man, that man somebody granddaddy, somebody husband, somebody friend and now he’s gone…WHY? Lord, why is they so much killin?

Jesus! I feel so empty inside right now… it’s like somebody drained all the warm blood and salt from my body. I feel numb and dumb, I feel too small even to go in the room and question this child even though it’s my job as a homicide detective for the city of Chicago.

How do I approach this boy?

I am torn and this cross before me is so heavy, I don’t know if my hands are clean enough to make a difference.
I am a sinner. I have done shit I hate. I’ve cheated on my wife I don’t know how many times. I have taken money from drug dealers and let them walk instead of arresting them. Father. Help me now.
Oh God! For give me of MY sins.
This boy, this poor child ain’t got no momma and no daddy.
Lord have mercy; what can I say to this child now?

“Excuse me detective, you may go in and question the patient now.

“Thank you Dr. Johnson, I just need a minute if you don’t mind… I’ll be there shortly.”

Dr. Johnson:
“Sure thing.”

… … … … … … …. ….

Detective enters hospital room and there is a young black boy staring up at the ceiling.

“Hey there… you sleep? You think we can talk for a little while?

Hmmmmm… let me see your hand?

Give me your hand let’s see how strong you are?
Now. Squeeze my hand as hard as you can. That’s good!
Can you squeeze it a little harder for me. Yes, that’s good, just like that.
Now, I need your help, I need you to tell me what happened to your momma?
How did this man get into your house? Did you ever see this man before?

Here drink some apple juice.
Can I get you something to eat… are you hungry?

“I saw, I saw him, this man this morning… I skipped school and came home… my mother, she had gone to work.
I, I skipped school. I, I was, I was in my room watching cartoons when I heard my mother at the door and she was talking with this man.”

“Here drink some more juice.”

“I cut the TV off and I got under the bed; I was on the floor trying to hide from my mother.
My mother, my mother and the man, they, ummm, they uhh, they was doing the nasty.
My mother she was sort of crying and that’s when my dog Charger ran into the room and he jumped on the man and started biting him. That’s when I heard what sounded like a fire cracker. I ran in the room to see if the man shot Charger and then the man pointed his gun at my face.

My mother she picked up a lamp and hit the man over the head.
The man, he fell to the floor and dropped the gun and I ran over and picked the gun up from the floor.
I saw the man’s head was cut and he was bleeding and he cursed at my mother and then he grabbed her and he started choking her. I hollered at the man to stop, but he kept choking my mother.

“Come on son, here drink some apple juice.

” My mother she, she fell to the floor and she was asleep. She didn’t move no more.
I called for her to wake up. The man, he, he killed my mother.
The man looked at me and shouted at me to put the gun down.
He walked toward me and that’s when I shot him.”

“How many times did you shoot him?”

“I don’t remember, I just kept pulling the trigger and the man fell to the floor and he didn’t move no more either.”

“Then what happened?”

” I just got hot all over and my head began to spin and I couldn’t breathe.
I fell to the floor and that’s all what happened…

MR. PETER… am I in trouble?”

Charles Micheaux
Micheaux Publishing
Atlanta, Georgia

You can watch Oscar Micheaux films @ YouTUbe.


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