FRENCH 101 ( Lesson 3)

“It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge.”
–Albert Einstein

Good morning everyone.
First off, let me say, these rumors about me not allowing Tyrone back into my French class are untrue.
Nothing could be further from the truth. I know many of you were here last week when I had to scold Tyrone several times for drinking whiskey in my workshop. The fact that Tyrone is not here today has absolutely nothing to do with me.

I was informed Tyrone is in lock-up at the Cobb County Jail.
It appears he and his girl friend, Saffire got into a heated dispute at an Atlanta Braves baseball game.
They say Tyrone was drunk and cussing at the Umpire of the other team.
APD was called and Tyrone was hauled off to jail. His girl friend, Saffaire has said she’s not going to bail
Tyrone out this time. So, these rumors about me not allowing Tyrone to attend this workshop are pure rubbish.

Tyrone, is not a bad guy really, yes, he is obnoxious though.
Many people see me as an obnoxious sort of fellow. The first time I heard the word used toward me was by my dear mother. She, my mom would always say that I was the most obnoxious child in the world.
My mother she spoke French pretty good, so I thought obnoxious was a French word; when mother got angry with father she would spout off a certain French sentence which she used often at my father when angry, she’d say,
“Trou du cul!”
Which means, Asshole!

My father he only knew one French sentence and it always broke me up in laughter.
Mother would call father an asshole in French and father in return would give her is only French reply which was always the same.
Father would say, “Va te faire voir!”
Which means, Go to hell!
To be quite honest I knew more French cuss words than I do normal French words and phrases because of mom and dad.
Well, that’s enough about me and my family and French words.

The most elegant French word you will ever say is Enchante’
Please, say it with me.

Enchante’ Enchante’ Enchante’ Enchante’ Enchante’ Enchante’

Now, what does Enchante’ mean?

Enchante’ ( ON-SHON-TAY) means:

It’s a pleasure to meet you.

A very common greeting to a close friend in France is Ca va.

Ca va ( sa va) means:
How’s it going?

So, you see your girl friend, BABYLON whom you have not seen in a while.
You might say to her:
Ca va?

Babylon would reply back to you:

“Ca va bien.
(Sa va byun)

Ca va bein — It’s going well

BABYLON could say:

Ca va tres’ bein
(Sa va tray byun)

Ca va tres’ bein – It’s going very well.

BABYLON could also say:

Ca va mal.
(Sa va mal)

Ca va mal – It’s going badly.



Bonjour – Hello

Je m’ appelle Charles Micheaux
(Zher-ma-pel) Charles Micheaux
My name is Charles Micheaux

It’s a pleasure to meet you.

Comment vous appelez-vous?
(Ko mon voo za play voo)
What’s your name?

Ah yes! BABYLON, my dear, please, do come in!
Ladies and gentlemen it gives me great pleasure to introduce to you, the one, and the only, BABYLON!


BABYLON is one of the most talented young writers I know. She makes her home in the great city of Chicago.
I follow BABYLON on TWITTER each day, her page is very entertaining, informative and really quite naughty, in the most fun way.
Check her out, her Twitter handle is:
BABYLON helps me with my lesson plan each week and so it is only appropriate I always show her my respect and gratitude.
Thank you, BABYLON.

Stay with me…

Now, where were we?

Parlez-vous anglais?
(par lay voo ong glay)
Do you speak English?

A plus tard.
(a plew tar)
See you later

Je suis de Atlanta, Ga
(Zher swee der) Atlanta, Ga
I’m from Atlanta, Ga.

Un istant
(un uns ton)
Just a moment.

Voici mon email
(vwa see mon email)
Here’s my e-mail.

Appelle moi ce soir
Call me tonight



J’ai -I have

Tu as- You have

Nous avons- We have
(Noo za von)


Je ne sais pas – I don’t know
(zher nay say pa)

Je ne veux pas aller- I don’t want to go.
(zher ner ver pa za lay

Pas encore – Not yet.
(pa ong kor)

Je suis – I am
(zher swee)

Tant pis -Too bad
(tom pee)

Pas question! – No way!
(pa kay styon)

Bien Joule! Well done!
( byun zhoo ay)

Pas de soucis -No worries
(pa der soo see)

Merci pour votre temps! Thank you for your time!
( mair see poor vo trer tom)

Well my friends we have come to the end of our third French lesson in the series, I hope you will join me again next Monday, until then,

Au revoir!

At 5:45 PM my mom sent me an e-mail to let me know, Obnoxious is indeed a French word.
I stand corrected by mom.

Charles Micheaux


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