Another day in Paradise ( Romance)

“My bounty is as boundless as the sea, my love as deep; the more I give thee.”
Romeo and Juliet
Act II Scene II


She’s late again, I wonder how many men in America are somewhere waiting like me for their woman to arrive?
She’s really pushing it this time; she already 45-minutes late.
Strange thing though, she always has a great excuse for being late.
Ah yes. There she is.
Does this woman ever arrive anywhere without a package under her arm?

We are seated off in the corner of PRIMEHOUSE Restaurant in the James Hotel.
The restaurant room where we are is dark and on our table there is a single candle on the center of our table.
The candle glow of light adds a romantic mood to the space.
Her lovely face is slightly hidden by the shadow of darkness that owns the space.

I sit across from the woman of my dreams and I am drunk in lust.
My manhood stiff and unbound beneath the dinning table, like a beast famished, needy and ravenous for the sweet forest between her legs. The waiter rushes over with two menus in his hand.
Just then, I could feel her soft small foot glide up and down my leg.
I smile.
And on her face she holds a naughty grin.
She is wicked; I cannot contain myself any longer.
I rise up from my chair, I move toward her head with my eyes closed and the wetness from the French kiss plants me in a state and moment of bliss.
I dare not move.
The sweetness of her French kiss kept me holding on to the moment without distraction.
An alarm sounded.
Strangely I began to hear a bird singing.

I raised my head from the pillow and there next to me in bed was my fondest dream.
She is everything to me, my Juliet really.
She awoke from slumber, first she opened one eye, then the other and then she smiled at me.
She rolled on top of me.

With excitement in her voice she said,
“Darling, that was the best anniversary dinner ever! So romantic and beautiful.
Do you really like the Rolex Watch?
The only reason I was late, the store forgot to put the inscription on the back of the watch.”

Slowly, I removed the watch from my hand and I turned it over and read the inscription.

“What we worship lives forever.
Love, K.”

My eyes filled with tears and we French kissed, both of us eyes unopened and I had only one thought as I clung to her.

Another day in Paradise.

Charles Micheaux
Micheaux Publishing


You can watch Oscar Micheaux films @ YouTube.


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