She is my beloved Mother… (Fiction) By Charles Micheaux

“All men by nature desire to know.”

Riverside Church
116th Street, New York City

O’ Father of my soul!
Who resides in the highest heaven and yet fondly hears the wants and needs of thy children on earth.
Too often the children soon return traveling down the wrong path of life.
Bless the child and the children who return to Thee penetrated with regret for having lost faith in Thee.

Welcome one and all to Riverside Church.
Each day that God allows me and you to see a new day, it’s another day in paradise.
Today is Mother’s Day!
What would we be without our mothers?
Can we all give a big loving hand for our mothers?
Yes! Our mothers… what would we be without them?
We would forever be in trouble truth be told.

When we are young often times we do not fully appreciate the great and awesome responsibility of mother.
In my own case, I recall the day I was displeased with mother. I was sixteen, and friends of mine had planned to all meet up and go out to a party. It was a Friday night and before I was to be picked up mother and I were having dinner together. My father had passed on some two years earlier. Mother sat across from me at the dinner table and all of a sudden she jumped up from the table and ran into the bathroom. I was startled!

Mother stayed in the bathroom for a good two minutes and when she finally came out she was distressed.
Slowly she sat back down at the kitchen table and she looked on me and she seemed transfixed.
I felt something terribly wrong etched in her face.

The car horn of my friends who had come to pick me up blared outside the kitchen window.
I quickly scraped my plate and then I walked over to kiss mother on the cheek before going out.
Mother through her arms around me and held me.
I could feel her body tremble slightly.
I looked deep into her eyes and they were starting to fill with tears.
I was at a total loss.
The car horn outside blew again and again.
Tears fell from mother’s eyes like 100 unborn ants shrouded in tiny balls of gray mist.
I ran out onto the porch and waved my friends off and told them to go on without me.

I realized I must attend to mother.
Was she sick?
Did something happen that was horrible that she needed to tell me?
Something was terribly wrong and I was deeply concerned for my mother.

I asked mother if she was sick.
I asked her if she wanted to go to the hospital.
She said no.

She quickly walked back into her bedroom and came back with her Bible.
I walked out onto the porch and lit a cigarette, looking up into the purple-blue night sky; how beautiful the moon and the stars appeared. Slowly I walked back inside the house and found mother on her knees in prayer.
I began to feel sorry for myself about not going to the party with my friends.
I was thinking about all the fun they would have this night without me.
Only if mother had not had this strange emotional thing happen I would be with my pals having fun.

I turned on the TV and watched a boxing match which didn’t last too long; Mike Tyson quickly knocked out Larry Holmes.
Soon I turned off the TV and went to bed.
The next morning our phone rang and I learned my friends who came to get me to take me to the party were all dead.
Leroy, Zeke, Dennis and Tyrone were all killed when the car got stuck at a railroad crossing. They tried to beat a coming train; they ran through the red light at the crossing and the train struck the car killing everyone inside on impact.

Somehow, mother knew If I went out that night I would not return home.
I tell you brothers and sisters, their is a God who rules above, the hand of power and the heart of love.
My mother was a woman who believed in daily prayer. I do believe if my mother was not a praying woman I would not be here today.

When I think of mother.

She is the one who carried me inside her, she is the one who fed me of her, she is the spirit who talked to me in spirit, she who pushed me forward of her into the world, she is one who first smiled at me, she is the first set of eyes, eye ever saw, she is the first heart beat next to mine, she has always been my fondest dream.
Today is MOTHER’S DAY…
I so miss my mother, for she passed on to be with the Lord.

How terribly sad to think, some have living mothers and yet they will not contact or reach out to them.
The greatest person anyone of us will ever know on earth in out entire life is the one we call MOTHER.

Let us bow our heads in prayer:

O’ My God!
Let my eyes become fountain of tears, proceeding from a heart filled with joy this Mother’s Day!
Mother, she is my beloved on the earth and today we all do celebrate her, and let each of us spread all of our love and appreciation and say to our most beloved, HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY!

Charles Micheaux


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