“Don’t be mislead–you cannot mock the justice of God.
You will always harvest what you plant.” –Galatians 6:7

What is Kama?
Karma refers to one’s action, work or deeds. It is a concept; a spiritual principle of cause and effect where the intent and actions of a person will influence the future of that person.
Today, I will share with you two true stories that best illustrate that Karma is real.

A man see’s another man waiting to get into a parking space and because he is lawless instead of waiting his turn he jumps in front of the man who was waiting. When the other man asked him why he did that, the lawless man told him to

Now twenty minutes later the same man who used foul language and stole the man’s parking spot is now standing in front of that same man who is to interview him for a job at his company.

Karma has no problem getting back in touch with you when need be. I hasten to add the fellow did not get the job.

Our next true story has to deal with a very famous recording artist; she has asked me not to use her name, so I won’t.
My friend has won many Grammy Awards and sold millions of recordings worldwide.
When she was first starting out she lacked the self-esteem one must have to work in the entertainment industry.
Each month she Would mail out demo tapes of her voice and music. One day a small record label contacted her and asked her to come in for an interview. At the time she had a 9-5 job as a receptionist and so in order for her to make the interview she had to take a day off from her job. She also needed a new dress, new shoes, get her hair done.
This was a very big moment for her and she was intent on looking her best when she walked in to meet the executives at the record label.

Upon entering the office there were three record executive sitting behind a large conference table.
She was very nervous and her lack of confidence was in full bloom as the questioning began.
One of the record executives (snarky jerk) wanted to know how she took care of herself, he wanted to know what her day job was. She was taken aback by the question.

The record executive then said:
“Look, I don’t think you are ever going to make it as a recording artist.
Do me a favor, close the door on your way out.”

Karma has no problem getting back in touch with you when need be.

She left the record company in tears and upon entering her apartment the phone rings.
It’s her grandmother on the line.

“What’s the matter suga?
Said her grandmother

“Oh! Grandmother, I just came back from my interview with the people from the record company.
And they told me, I would never make it as a singer.”

Just because one man said something you gonna believe him.
Now, all the talent shows you’ve won over the years, the wonderful church programs where you were the featured singer.
And now you cry and feel sorry for yourself all because one man did not like you.
You pull yourself together.
In the morning you got to carry your cross, see if God didn’t want you to be a singer, He never would have given you the voice.
Do you know how many girls would love to have your talent?”

Grandmother’s message was received.

Six months passed and one day a very large record company called her to come in for an audition.
This time she goes in with maximum confidence for she knows she has talent and she knows she will be a star.
The record executives are so impressed by her that they offer her a contract on the spot.
She is also given a $100,000 signing bonus.

A year later she wins two Grammy Awards and sells six million copies of her album worldwide.

Now, the small record label was up for sale.
My friend called her lawyer and told him she wanted to buy the small record label and she did.

Karma has no problem getting back in touch with you when need be.
She is now the owner and she walks in with her lawyer and her lawyer introduces her to the record executives and she smiles.

“We met before.”

Well friends, need I tell you my friend fired them on the spot?
Yes she did!

Finally, let me leave you with a piece of wisdom:

Karma has no deadline.

Charles Micheaux

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