Cedric the entertainer comes to Georgia with more insulting humor?

“Rosa Parks ain’t do nothing but sit her black ass down!
She damn sho ain’t special.”
–Cedric the entertainer
( In the movie Barbershop)

Cedric the entertainer will be performing next Friday at the Infinite Energy Arena in Duluth, Georgia.
He will share the bill with George Lopez I can’t help but ask, is he going to find another great black leader to attack and mock just so white folks could have a hardy laugh? In the 2002 movie, Barbershop there is one scene in the movie where Cedric’s character goes off on a rant trashing the great Rosa Parks.
The scene is really very sad, very distasteful and down right disgusting to say the least.
I really don’t know how many pieces of silver were thrown at poor Cedric for him to do something so blasphemous.
What Cedric did in that scene no white comic would ever conceive of doing.
The scene really plays large for white film audiences for they can feel soothed over the injustice during that time
in American history.

I wonder… when Cedric the entertainer lands at Atlanta International Airport does he know Atlanta is the home of Civil Rights in America?
Does he know that there are more Black PhD’s in Atlanta than any other city in America?
Does he know the greatest number of Black millionaires on the planet earth are in Atlanta?
Friends, I can go on and on about my beloved city, but you get my point… right?
In Atlanta, we know our history, we know and cherish our heroes.
We love our children, we love our elders, we in fact love ourselves and each other.

I hope Cedric the entertainer does not bring his brand of profane disrespect for our community to Duluth.
I have always considered Cedric the entertainer a 3rd rate comic.
When I think of how he violated the memory of Rosa Parks in front of the nation via this movie I feel a deep sense of shame.

Comics like Cedric do great harm to our children who are in so badly in need of a good role model.
We, me included have done a very poor job teaching our children about the heroes that made a way for us to come and go freely in American society. When I think of Rosa Parks, Martin Luther King Jr. and Dick Gregory I pause and reflect:

“We are all on a train going somewhere and those freedom fighters: Rosa Parks, Coretta Scott King, Martin Luther King Jr. and Dick Gregory paid our fare.

Our children were not always freely accepted in to a hamburger joint.
We had to stand to ride the bus.
We could not drink from certain water fountains.
We could not work in city government jobs.
We could not live where we wanted to live.
We could not even VOTE!

Our children are so absent from the harsh conditions thrust upon the black man and black woman in America.
Our children can easily tell you the basket ball stats of Lebron James, but they know nothing about Rosa Parks.
Rosa Parks is the mother of civil rights in America.

The significance of the Montgomery Bus Boycott cannot be weighed; it was the first time black Americans came together in America and spoke with one voice; it was in fact the first time black Americans were in engaged in a national protest. At the center of this national protest was petite Rosa Parks.
The Montgomery Bus Boycott when on for 381 days and at it’s end, the white bus company had lost $300,000 dollars–in dimes!

I’m almost totally confident Cedric the entertainer does not have this small part of history tucked in his brain.
No, he is a clown.
His job is to be a joker.
Not a joker for the black community, but a joker for the white community who don’t know what the big deal is.
Yes, Cedric is a comic for whites who enjoy seeing black coons do their stick.

A friend contacted me and told me Cedric the entertainer was coming to Atlanta to perform.
I was taken aback at first.
I thought:
Have we as a community lost our minds?
This fellow has shown us he cares little for our community, so why should we put down our hard earn dollars
to have our heroes and our communities defiled and disrespected?

I later learned that Cedric the entertainer was playing in Duluth, Georgia.
He will be on the same bill as George Lopez next Friday at the Infinite Energy Arena.
I’m sure in the crowd there will be those who don’t know who Rosa Parks was or even what she did.
Rosa Parks is one of our greatest heroes.

I have found peace again, my beloved city of Atlanta is not hosting this program.
The messages put out by Cedric to our young people are more harmful than you can ever imagine.
We must never allow anyone to belittle or take cheap shots at our heroes for paid laughs.

A final word from Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

“Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about the things that matter.”

Charles Micheaux


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