The Prodical Son, Red Mustang and The Road to Perdition

The worst injustice that can befall a child is to grow up without a Father.
A long, long time ago Jesus shared with the world the story of The Prodical Son.
Jesus told this wonderful story to illustrate how generous God,Heavenly-Father is in forgiving sinners who repent.
The parable of The Prodical Son is found in Luke 15:11
The main character in the parable is of the forgiving father, whose love and nobility remains constant throughout the story.

Today we celebrate our FATHERS.
We celebrate our FATHERS all across America and hopefully we honor our FATHERS for being FATHERS.
In Jesus sermon of The Prodical Son, the son in the story comes to his senses and returns home to his Father to ask for forgiveness and Father’s love. The beautiful story has the father a far off looking each day for his son to return home.

Today, I want to share a true, a true, 21st century Prodical Son but in this story the son sadly runs out of time before coming to his senses to seek forgiveness of his father. In this age of FACEBOOK and Smart Phones and gadgets that push us further and further from each other and 24/7 we only think and see what is important to us.
The story at hand is titled:
The Prodical Son, Red Mustang and The Road to Perdition.

The story is about a father and son, and the father was very proud of his son because his son was about to graduate from high school. The son always maintained good school grades and never caused his father any trouble.
The father promised to take his son out to the car dealership the following Saturday to pick put a new car as his graduation present. The father had never lied to his son.

Saturday came and sure enough the father took his son out to the local car dealership; they got out of the car and the son began to walk over to the used car section of the dealership.
The father called out to his son, “Hey! Where you going?”

The son was taken aback,
“Father! You’re going to buy me a brand new car?
Any kind of car I want?”

I will remind you again, the father never lied to his son.

The father spoke sweetly to his son,
“I told you I was buying you a NEW CAR… go on, pick out whatever you like.”

The son picked out a red convertible Mustang. The car of every boy’s dreams.
The car salesman walked over to the son and threw him the keys to the car.
The son called out to his father to go with him for a test drive.
The father waved his son to go on without him and he and the car salesman went inside to start on the paperwork.

The son was so happy.

A few days passed by and on the morning of the son’s graduation the father had a book gift wrapped in the most beautiful wrapping paper and as his son walked down the steps the father handed his son the wrapped book and as he handed the book to his son he said; “Here’s your graduation present.”

The son opened up the wrapped book and there was this beautiful leather bound brown Bible.
With the Bible in his hand the son ran to the door and he opened it.
He stepped outside his house and he searched the street for his new Mustang, there was no Mustang to be seen.
Sadly the son walked back inside his father’s house being enraged with his father he took the Bible and threw it down on the floor in front of his father.

This is a true story.
Again, let me remind you readers, the father, never lied to his son.
The son is mad with the father because the son did not see his car; father told the first lie as far as the son is concerned. The son storms out of the house.
The father picks up the Bible from the floor and places it on a table in the living room.
The son soon after moves out of his father’s house all together and never speaks to his father again, sadly.

The anger over a red Mustang is astonishing to me even now.

As life is fragile the son receives a phone call from his mother telling him his father had just passed away.
Out of respect to his mother the son agrees to go to his father’s funeral.
He comes back home to his father’s house and he still has his keys to his father’s house.
The son quietly opens the door to his father’s house and as he walks in the first thing he sees is the Bible that his father tried to give him sitting on the table.

Now that his father is gone he finds himself alone with the last thing that his father touched and tried to give to him. He walks over to the Bible and for the first time he picks it up wit respect and a certain humility.
He holds the book in his hands and he remembered his father smiling as he tried to give it to him.
Now as he holds the Bible in his hands he actually opens it up and when he opens the Bible the first thing he sees
is a check written out to him for the exact amount of money for the car.

It happens his father was considerate enough to give his son options just in case he decided he wanted to buy something else, maybe a truck, another car, perhaps?

I pray that those sons or daughters who are mad with their Fathers would pray and ask for humility and grace
for the worst injustice that can befall a child is to be without a father.

Charles Micheaux


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