Your BRAIN is a Genius!

“All great truths begin as blasphemies.”
–George Bernard Shaw

The human brain remains the most complex and amazing human resource on the planet earth, yet most people use only about 10% of their brains their entire life! Our brains may look like one big blob of jello, but the truth is, our brain is the most extraordinary and amazing creative force in the universe. The human brain is home to a staggering one hundred billion neurons! Each neuron (brain-cell) can make contact with tens of thousands of others, via tiny structures called synapses.
Our brains form over one million new connections every single second!

Many years ago I read a major study in which scientist discovered that when babies come into the world they come into the world in a state of genius. In a recent essay, THE ORIGINS OF SPEECH by Tom Wolfe, Mr. Wolfe goes on to explain how Noam Chomsky introduced a radically new theory of language.

“Language was not something you learned. You were born with a built-in language organ.
The language organ is located in the brain.
That’s why children started speaking so early in life; they were born with the language organ in place and the power ON. By the age of two, usually, they could speak in whole sentences and generate completely original ones.”
–Noam Chomsky

It is also important to note the newborn baby’s brain grows almost three times in size during the first year of life.
Too often parents, teachers shut the child genius down by saying STOP.

Yes too often adults will tell a child to stop exploring, sit down, shut up, don’t move, stop asking me questions.
All of these very negative things shut down a child’s discovery of the world and the genius in them.
I happen to believe Tiger Woods was programmed by his father to be one of the world’s greatest golfers.
There are countless true stories of parents who have encouraged their children to explore and expand their growing minds.

I love sharing a truly wonderful story about a man who was pushed by accident to realize the awesome hidden power tucked away in our brain. The man is named George Dunsic and as a young college student during the Depression of the 1930’s young George Dunsic was in his senior year and one day his professor made a special announcement to the class:

“It’s been good having you all as students and this year the school has decided to offer someone in this class an assistant-teaching position to the student that scores the highest score on the final math exam.”

George Dunsic sees this announcement as a sign of him meeting his destiny for his ambition is to become a teacher.
The night before the math exam George refuses to rest, he pushes himself to a point of exhaustion and soon he drops his head to his desk and when he finally awakes he realizes the test has begun the clock on the wall has the time at
9:10 George is late for his final exam for the test began at 9:00 A.M.

George rushes out the door and runs to the school as fast as he can and as he arrives his classmates all break out in laughter and the professor shouts out to George. Forty minutes pass by and by this time all the other students have left the classroom leaving George alone, only George and the professor are in the class.
Thirty minutes go by and the professor has packed his brief case on his way out. The professor ask George if he’s almost finished and George begs the professor for more time. The professor looks at his watch then he tells George that he has to go, but he will allow George all the time he needs. The professor tells George that when he is done with the exam paper to simply put it in his mail box, the professor leaves the classroom.

George is all alone now, he looks at all the empty chairs around him.
Now the exam paper consisted of eight questions on a sheet of paper and then there were two math questions on the black board. George Dunsic had no problem answering the eight questions on the test paper, but the two questions up on the black board were giving him hell.

The night janitor walked into the room as George continued to try to figure out the math problems on the black board.
Two hours passed and George was still there fighting to find the answer to the two difficult math questions.
George was resolute and he thought to himself:
“Why, I’m just as smart as the rest of them.”

After several hours George was able to finally answer the two math questions up on the black board.
George took the test exam to the mail box of his professor as told.
He went home and went to sleep.

Sunday morning at around 8:00 A.M. there was a loud banging outside the door of George Dunsic.
He opens the door and there standing in front of him is the professor out of breathe from running all the way to George’s dorm room.

“Professor what are you doing here, it’s 8:00 in the morning!”

“George! George! You came in late the other day when I had the class take the math exam, so you didn’t hear my announcement to the rest of the class. I told the class is was great having them as students and for their kicks I put up two of the unsolved math questions; these two math questions Albert Einstein could not answer.
GEORGE! YOU. Answered them both correctly!
Now. I’m here to tell you, you have a job starting Monday as an assistant to me.”

Wonder of wonders!

So what would you become if you knew you would not fail?


Let’s look at what happened here… George Dunsic arrives late for class so he does not hear the warning that no one was able to solve these two math problems.

George only tried because no one told him he could not do it and he felt as though he was going to fight for the opportunity to get it right.

George Dunsic went on to say later that if someone had told him Albert Einstein could not answer those two math questions he absolutely would not have tried.

We all have that same power of genius in side us.

So, are you one who uses just 10% of your brain?
I hope not!

Charles Micheaux


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