BLACK LIVES MATTER /ATLANTA… Enhances Public Safety for Community

“Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about the things that matter.”
–Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

The great Rosa Parks once said,
“Memories of our lives, of our works and our deeds will continue in others.”
Today, and everyday I say, thank God for BLACK LIVES MATTER!
When it appears no one in America is fighting for our sons and daughters, there is
It appears to me, the loudest voice we can rely on today is that of

On June 22nd in Atlanta, Georgia we are horrified once more by the actions of a thug police officer caught on tape violating someone’s son.
Have the police departments across America learned nothing from the death of Freddie Gray?
Apparently not because upon viewing the tape we see four Atlanta police on top of a single man not resisting.
I wonder… what goes through the mind of our Honorable Mayor Kasim Reed when he sees something this vile and disgusting happening on his watch as mayor of the great city of Atlanta?
The mission of each police officer is to protect and serve the public.

Friends, again, we must pause and be grateful to BLACK LIVES MATTER/ ATLANTA for their presence, persistence and energy. Sadly, too many of us rely only on BLACK LIVES MATTER to do all our fighting and struggling for justice for our sons and daughters. All of us must get involved and raise our voices to the injustice that has taken place.
We must let the mayor know and the police chief we are not going to allow our sons and daughters to be punching bags for a few thug cops in Atlanta. What happened on June 22nd 2017 should have never happened and should never happen again.

I dare ask each person… what would Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. say if he saw something so disturbing as the video we have in front of us today? I assure you, Dr. King would be standing in front of
BLACK LIVES MATTER and this injustice would cease!

We as a community must be vigilant for our sons and our daughters, for if we do not protect them, who will?


“Let us not be weary in well doing.”
–Galatians 6:9

Charles Micheaux
Atlanta, Georgia


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