CRACK* …the skinny

“In Rama was there a voice heard, lamentation, and weeping, and great mourning,
Rachel weeping for her children, and would not be comforted, because they are not.”
–Matthew 2:18

Crack cocaine is a free base form of cocaine that is often smoked.
Crack took many black communities by storm it devastated inner city neighborhoods in New York, Chicago, Baltimore,
Miami and Los Angeles to name a few.
The year was late 1984 as this horrible plaque ravaged black lives like no other drug ever produced.
Crack cocaine is the most addictive form of cocaine and it is also the cheapest; a person could get a hit of crack for as little as three dollars.

The crack high is fleeting and usually lasts from 5-10 minutes.
The powerful chemicals of crack reach your brain in 10 seconds; when snorting cocaine it takes 15 minutes to feel the effects of the chemical.
Crack addicts tend to be extremely violent when it comes to getting that next hit of crack.
There has been a clear line established between crime and crack use. The murder rate and use of crack has been correlated. There are too many horrible true stories of a crack addict beating his grandmother to death with a hammer just to secure $20.00 for that next hit of crack.

Crack cocaine was manufactured and distributed specifically targeted for the black community.
The crack problem in America was 95% a black drug problem.
Outside forces with the most evil intent for black life put this poison in the hands of the illiterate, the hopeless, and the most mentally troubled of black society.

Crack is the most insidious vile drug that any man has ever known; it bankrupts the soul of all decency and humanity.
Leaving the crack addict worthless and empty and an enabler to Satan 24/7.
The crack addict will kill you, your mother, father, brother, sister, and or child.
I speak from experience!

Years ago when I was a trainer for a Welfare-to-work program, a woman in my class had her boyfriend babysitting her three-year old daughter until her daycare kicked in.
The boyfriend, a 42-year old crack smoking rapist sexually violated the woman’s three-year old daughter;
the young child died from her injuries.
The story is so disgusting and vile newspapers would not even print it for readers.
I held the mother in my arms as she cried for her daughter.
I have never been more helpless in my life as this woman wept and there were no words anyone could find appropriate.

The crack epidemic destroyed two generations of poor blacks who had no clue they were merely ignorant guinea pigs in a scientific experiment bent on massive incarceration and self-destruction of the black inner cities.

Charles Micheaux
Atlanta, Georgia


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