GOP’s apathy for the poor met with trepidation by most Americans

“The federal government is charged with the protection of its citizens from external threat. The U.S. military provides this service, and it’s funded appropriately.
We as a culture have not accepted the responsibility to protect citizens from internal threat, disease and injury.” –Dr. Robert Cox (Pediatrician)

Despite the fact America is the richest country in the world we continue to fail when it comes to health care for all Americans. The horrorscape of cuts to Medicaid will devastate millions of Americans especially the elderly and poor.
The GOP health care bill proposed would cut Medicaid’s projected budget over the next ten years by a combined $772 billion dollars according to the Congressional Budget Office.
The Senate health care bill being pushed is for changing the formula for calculating how much help the federal government gives lower-income Americans to purchase insurance. The largest cut in federal spending comes out of Medicaid, by changing the share carried by the federal government.
The Senate bill converts federal Medicaid funding to a per capita cap starting in 2020, putting a ceiling on funding a state receives per enrollee.

We are told by some experts that 32 million people will be without health care coverage in 2026.
President Trump and Paul Ryan are setting a budget that prioritizes military spending while at the same time they want to slash social safety programs, Welfare, Medicaid and Social Security. Interestingly, these cuts are not popular with the vast number of white voters who voted overwhelmingly for Donald J. Trump.
“Trump and Paul Ryan are systematically and carefully dismantling every element of government that is of benefit to the poor.”–Noam Chomsky

During the presidential campaign Donald J. Trump promised voters he would not cut Social Security,well it appears that promise is broken.

The great English bard named William Shakespeare spoke often of men who lie just like Trump when he said the following:

“A liar has no memory.”

Charles Micheaux
Ocho Rios, Jamaica


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