It was November 14th, a cold winter in Chicago and the snow was coming down like confetti, I answered an ad in the newspaper. The interview would take place in downtown Chicago in the very heart of the city.
The address for my job interview was 1114 Lake Shore Drive. I hadn’t been downtown in a long time; I live in the suburbs, so I enjoy riding the train into the city. There was always plenty of entertainment with crazies and savages. The train was crowded with street kids, and people commuting to work. I always know i’m in the underground when I can hear the beating on makeshift drums made out of discarded paint buckets. The beating drums rhythm sound as if anticipating something. Boarded up houses turned into skyscrappers.
A cat calls from Uber.
Once I walk up to street level I can feel a nice breeze blowing off Lake Michigan.
I hurry pass the sorrowful expression fixed on the faces of beggers. I pass an old white man who looks like William Burroughs. The old man was standing in front of Walgreens spewing hate, “Niggers go back home! Dirty Niggers.”
The people walking past seem to ignore the racket old man, they give him a pass because he’s a poor old fart.
I look at my Kate Spade watch and it’s 11:14… I have only sixteen minutes to get to my job interview.

The doorman, who I will come to know as Kaper never looks me in the eye, maybe a requirement for lowly paid workers, perhaps? Double glass doors open to a beautifully decorated lobby.
One hundred and twenty-six dollars in my bank account.
Anxiously I press the up button, the door opens and to my shock an NBA player exists.
I am totally star struck for a moment, I feel it’s a good sign to help improve my money situation.
I reach the highest floor in the building; there are only two occupants to a floor. The magnificent building overlooks Lake Michigan.

I spy the Gothic knocker, I lift the ring through the gargoyles nose.
Moments later a older gentleman answers. My first impression of him was he resembled old Saint Nick.
He wore an obnoxious Hawiian print shirt.
If Santa Claus was vacationing in Miami this is how he would look.
The doctor introduces himself and held out his very large hand, his neighbor quickly peeked out her door to only quickly retreat back inside with a hard slam. I captured the look of fear and disgust on his neighbor’s face and it stuck in my mind. I entered a quaint penthouse.

The doctor offered me a heavy crimson wine.
I was seated on a bouncy velvet sofa, the telephone rings and the doctor excuses himself to take the call.
I soak in the atmosphere, book shelves with ancient books with religious undertones hug the walls.
The doctor comes back sits next to me explaining his business with enthusiasm. The doctor I later learned acquired his wealth through writing books.

He explained a tartan uniform, white blouse and white sox were to be worn.
He hated the sound of nylons rubbing together, why he hated nylons I don’t know.
He was insistent on me wearing white sox. This should have been the first red flag.
The doctor quickly asked to see my ID; I looked younger than my actual age.
Strange though, why did he give me wine first, then ask for my ID?
After he checked my ID he offered me more wine. The doctor laid a stack of crisp hundred dollar bills onto the cushion. The texture made it seem as if I didn’t grab the stack in time, it would sink into the velvety sofa.
Before I could reach for the stack of bills, he whips out paper work.
Each paper was different from the other; he told me I had to sign each document to work for him.
He handed me the cash upfront then handed me a package that contained the uniform.
I rose up from the couch and headed for the powder room to try on the uniform, I follow the book shelves around to the powder room. I open the door to cosmetic heaven!

The double toilet perplexed me, but I noticed one had a faucet.
I learned what a bidet was with a spray to the face.
I was so mortified, “Excuse my ignorance.”
I said with slight embarrassment.
He patted me on the bottom, that lingered into a run in a circular motion.
It was uncomfortable enough to me to stand.
I changed into the tartan uniform, it was cute, but way too big.
The doctor told me he would order me a small, he had to do the same thing for Yellow too.
Yellow is the Asian chic who also works for the doctor.
And the white girl named Rainbow, but we all called her Bo.
When I returned later the uniform had arrived smaller than I imagined.
I figured I would be at the desk most of the time.
The doctor counseled very wealthy couples from the North Shore.
The North Shore is MONEY!
Couples would come to him for relationship fixing; the husbands were usually uncomfortably friendly.
The doctor wrote books about couples sexuality.
I got paid to listen to affluent people’s juicy secrets.

When I would leave to go home the doctor would always give me one single candy cigarette from a pack of El Diablo bubblegum cigarette pack. The doctor emphasized the candy was not for me, only for the doorman Kaper.
I thought it strange him having candy because he, the doctor was diabetic.
I was embarrassed to give the doorman the stick of gum, but I did it every time I left the building.
One day I had forgotten to give Kaper his usual treat.
I went to chill on the beach before I headed to the burbs.
I sat there on the beach watching the water when the candy cigarette fell out of my pocket.
Every one blows on the candy cigarette to see the powdered sugar shoot out.
I instinctively blew on the candy anticipating the sweet chalk.
I blew on the stick and my lips went numb, my throat and teeth went numb too.

Instantly I became very jittery, my heart was racing, and I felt an electric feeling that gave me a boost of energy.
I immediately knew the candy was laced with cocaine. I started to panic, so I headed back for the train station.
Before I could cross the street I saw the old Nazi back in front of Walgreens spewing his hate once again.

“Worthless niggers! All these niggers! Too many niggers here! Too many of them in my country!”
I was boiling mad, “Your COUNTRY!” I shouted back at him.
He froze.
I showed him both my fist and I told him to come get some. I stepped forward that’s when he took off running.
I almost pissed my pants I laughed so hard.
I do respect my elders, but this joker had really spent my last nerve and the Coke made matters even worse, I could have gone to jail for hitting the old geezer.I was really gonna pop the old fart.

Now I knew why the doctor said Kaper had a sweet tooth.
I did not understand why the doctor was being so generous to the help.
Eventually I began running into Yellow in the elevator and soon we started hanging out and I learned she was getting paid more than me. I resented the doctor for this, but what could I do?

Some days I would hear the church bells ringing on my way home, some nights when the moon was full the doctor and I would watch the local witches casting spells down on the beach. We could only make out the flickering candles.
Whatever they were doing made the lake troubled, for the waters became violent when they chanted.
We would really get a show when the weather was nice; they would dance around naked, which excited the doctor.
I raised the courage to ask the doctor why Yellow was being paid more than me; he never would tell me why.

The winds off Lake Michigan were rocking the balcony something awful, so the doctor and I went inside.

The doctor spoke softly, ” I need to tell you a secret…but you must promise you will tell no one…don’t move, I’ll be right back.” The doctor stood up and then walked into the kitchen.
I sat wondering what was his secret.
The doctor returned with two glasses of dark red wine, he handed me one and slowly sat down close to me.
I took a sip of the wine and immediately it tasted strange to me.
The doctor began telling me a story about this black woman whom he secretly had an obsession over; a sexual desire.
Another red flag shot out at me; I was not liking this story.
I excused myself and went to the powder room. I felt myself getting hot all over my body, my head began to spin too,
I tried to keep my balance and then like a plane that’s lost control I crashed to the floor.
I passed out!

When I awoke two hours later I was in the doctor’s private bedroom my t-shirt and bra were missing.
I was in the doctor’s bed and my panties were not dry!
Not only that, but they were now inside out, that’s not how I put on my panties.
The doctor walked in the the room with a cup of Coffee in his hands and he wore this big stupid smile on his face.
I knew I had been sexually violated by him.
I cursed.
“What the fuck did you do?
You twisted pervert!
You think I’m gonna let you get away with this shit?”

The smile left his face.
I grabbed the fire poker from the fire place and I swung on his ass.
In that moment I felt as if my life hung in the balance; if this creep could drug me and violate me like this perhaps he was capable of killing me too. I was determined to tell someone what went down.

The doctor put out his arms to me and I swung on his ass ripping into his hand and he fell to the floor.
I jumped over his body and ran out the bedroom.
I snatched my pocket book and ran to the next door penthouse.
I banged on the door as hard and as fast as I could.
The door opened slowly and I saw the older white woman and she held a pistol in her hand.
She stepped back and invited me in and then closed the door.
She looked at my bare breast and my whole body trembled.
She placed her hand on my leg to comfort me.

“Now, now, it’s gonna be all right… you are safe now… let me get you a cup of tea.”
She exited the room.
The doctor had my bra and my t-shirt with him I was thinking how will I get them back from that monster.
The white woman came back with a single cup of tea and she handed it to me.
She slowly lit a cigarette and took the smoke deep into her lungs then she exhaled and the blue smoke leaving her nostrils hung in the air in the shape of a ghost.
I felt lost.
She began to speak to me:

“You now hold all the cards, right now you got him by the balls… you can call the police and have him arrested for rape and he will spend the rest of worthless life in prison OR, you can get paid.
Guys like him, rich, arrogant and twisted always think they can get away with crap like this.
You my dear are a very luck girl.
You see, I am a former trial lawyer and I’m gonna help you squeeze this jerk for some serious dollars.
This is totally your decision though, so, do you want me to represent you?”

The whole evening was so fantastic for me, and for a minute I really thought I was dreaming.

Susan Goldberg is her name and she drew up a contract then and there for me.
Her kindness makes me break down and cry even now.
But the really strange thing I remember is I wiped my eyes and blew my nose and I looked up at the clock on the wall and strangely enough it was 11:14.

Chicago, Il




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