“When a man has given his best what else is there?”
–General George S. Patton -U.S. Army

You ever been in the Service? The military is what I’m asking?
You ain’t never thought about it?
Well, I’m a Veteran; I fought over there in Viet Nam.
There were many a good man died back in Nam.
Every time I see a pack of Marlboro cigarettes or open bottles of Budweiser beer I think about my buddies,
Black and White; we were all brothers.
My very best friend, Johnny Stallone, a white boy, he saved my life.
He paid the ultimate sacrifice so that I might live and I think about him every day that I live and breathe.

Dark Horse 1, Lord he was a good man, one of the best Special Forces operators I ever laid eyes on, he always had a smile on his face.

One night I was out on scout mission, me and three others, we were at the base of the Dong River and it was just past midnight when I heard the crack of a sniper’s rifle and in that instant a bullet went through the head of one of my guys. The VC were above us on a hill and up in the trees too. Bullets rained down on our position and all my guys quickly sought refuge in the river. I stayed on dry land because I was carrying the radio.
I called in our position back at the base camp.

Johnny Stallone (Dark Horse 1) came over the radio back at me:

“Black Arrow Three… do you read me?”

I replied back.

“Black Arrow Three penned down taking fierce VC fire at the base of Dong River over.”

Dark Horse 1 replied back.

“Black Arrow Three… choppers on the way… hold your position…over.”

I replied.

“”Roger that, Dark Horse 1.”

My men and I determined not to die like some feared animal penned in some inglorious spot; we fought with every fiber in us and the VC knew we were not going to surrender. I needed to take out the sniper in the tree that shot Larry in the head. The sniper was maybe forty yards away from my position. I reached for my explosive shoulder launcher called The Law. I dropped the deadly canister in the Law and I let her rip; I took out the tree killing the sniper and every living creature in it.

Off in the distance I could hear the sounds of the blades from the chopper coming in closer to our position.
In that moment I knew I would get my chance to kill a lot more Viet Cong.
The VC soldiers began firing at the chopper and I could smell the petro exhaust in the air.
I began to hear burst of fire from the M-14 rifles… our boots were on the ground kicking ass and distributing
Death Cards.

GOD! I felt good to be an American Soldier.
When the last burst of gun fire rang out the Sun rose and all the VC lay about us motionless.
I could not wait to get back to the base and have a good shower and a cold beer.
I grabbed my radio.

“DARK HORSE 1…Come in, this is Black Arrow Three… do you copy?
Come in… DARK HORSE 1.”

There was a long silence.

Another voice came over my radio that I did not recognize.

The tears began to fall from my eyes as I listened…

“Dark Horse 1… K.I.A.”

Fiction by Charles Micheaux


Dark Horse- A competitor about whom little is known who unexpectedly emerges to win.

K.I.A. – Killed In Action.

Charles Micheaux
Ocho Rios, Jamaica


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