Straight — no chaser – Fiction

“A bachelor is a souvenir of some woman who found a better one at the last minute.”
–Mae West–Hollywood Sex Diva

In retrospect I wish I’d taken a suite at the Beverly Hills Hotel.
The movie business in America is one of constant manipulation and seduction.
Movie directors hold all the cards over actors and they have the power to turn an unknown
actor into a big star. The lure of stardom is held by every movie director in Hollywood.
The seduction is so powerful that one will find they will do things they thought were once unimaginable.
I fell victim to the seduction on my first trip to America–Hollywood.
I flew in from London and prior to my flight to Hollywood I found myself on the phone being seduced by the famed movie director, Dick Hertz.

I discovered after speaking to Dick I was unable to refuse his invitation to stay at his estate while in
Los Angeles; I was going to book a suite at the Beverly Hills Hotel, but Dick persisted that I stay at his estate.
I had come in only for a couple of days to attend the Academy Awards.
It was the night before the OSCARS and Dick and I were on the patio; Dick and I were both up for awards;
he was up for Best Director and I was up for Best Supporting Actor.
The evening was quite magical to me because it was my first time in Hollywood and I was on the cusp of great stardom
Dick and I were drinking shots of Jack Daniels Whiskey and we were smoking some of the best cannabis I have ever had in my life.

Frank Sinatra played in the back round, the song was, “The Girl From Ipanema”…Dick’s girl friend, a super model walked out onto the patio.

She is an astonishing Brazilian beauty.
She slinks only in a skimpy pair of pink pantie.
Her beauty is absolutely breathe taking.
I watch her as she bends over Dick and slides her tongue into his ear all the while she is looking right at me.
I am transfixed.

Slowly she removes her tongue from Dick’s ear and she is still looking only at me.
She giggled and then pulled up on her panties and then she shook hard and made her breast jiggle.
What a tease!

She winked at me.

Then turned her full attention to Dick as she spoke in broken English;

“Richard my darling, my only luverrr, will you come make love to me now?
I take my panties off and I wait for you…no?
Come. Come now to make luv to me.”

My friend Dick he looked at me and a wide smile came on his face as he said,
“See ya in the morning young stud.”

I thought of my boyhood chums back in London only if they could see me now, they would sure have a bloody good laugh.
Here I sit all alone with a half bottle of Jack Daniels Whiskey– straight and no chaser.

Charles Micheaux
Ocho Rios, Jamaica


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