Barbershop Conspiracy -Fiction

“We know what we are, but know not what we may be.”
–William Shakespeare

Explicit language is used in the telling of this story.
Some language maybe objectionable to some readers.
The action takes place in a barbershop in the city of Baltimore.

The final days of a mean and bitter winter still clung in the city; wicked temperatures ruled the night as the sun went under. Stan Powell owner of Sharp Cuts Barbershop was alone, he sat quietly smoking a cigar reading
The New York Times and the headline read:

New York, Wednesday, March 11, 2009

“Bernard Madoff Will Plead Guilty;
Faces Life for Vast Swindle”

Bernard L. Madoff is facing life in prison for operating a vast ponzi scheme that began 20 years ago.

There is a loud knock at the door.
Stan slowly puts down the newspaper and looks up at the clock on the wall; it’s 9:28 P.M.
He walks slowly to the door then opens it.

Shorty, what the hell… man get out of the cold… what you doing here this late knocking on my door?

I was hoping I could find you, something I wanna tell you.

You know I was just about to fix myself a drink…want one?

Yeah, I need something to take the chill off; it’s cold as shit out here tonight!

Here, so tell me what is so damn important you got your ass out here knocking on my door?
You should be somewhere knocking the boots of some honey with her legs spread up in the air

Hey Stan, I don’t know if you know, but Tyrone Maxon he just got out of prison the other day.
The nigger out here telling these bitches you owes him $100,000.
Now why is this nigger spreading lies like this about you?

Tyrone is just a nigga without a brain running his mouth smelling his own piss.

But why is he telling these young gangsta’s on the street you owes him 100 G’s?

Tyrone used to work for me back in the day when I ran dope for the Black Mafia Family.

You did!
Damn, I read about them, they ran the largest drug distribution operation on the East Coast.
So, you done seen some big money in your time.

See Shorty, Tyrone used to work for me back then.
The nigga betrayed me and I ain’t gonna give that bitch one thin dime!

Stan pours himself another drink.

What if Tyrone comes after you?

Shorty you really don’t know me… I closed the eyes of every mother fucker that ever crossed me; the grave yard is numbered with nigga’s who betrayed me.

But he’s tellin’ the young studs on the street you owes him $100,000.

Shorty I don’t give a damn what them PUNKS on the street think about me… I wish one would come up to me with that bull shit.

So if you told Tyrone you was gonna give him $100,000 what did he do for you to not give him the money; I know you as a gangsta of your word and so do all the other studs on the street. If you owe him the money why won’t you give it to him?

Shorty I have never told anybody what happened between me and Tyrone, but I’m gonna tell you.
I want you to promise me you will never repeat to ANYONE, I mean anyone what I’m about to tell you about me.

Stan. What you say to me is between us, YOU-ME!

Where do I begin?
Everyday morning when I get out of bed I want to put a gun in my mouth and pull the trigger.
Just because of that worthless piece of shit named Tyrone. He came after my wife, Brenda.
Everyday of my life, I think about her, the sun rose and set with that woman.
One day I found out Brenda and Tyrone had become lovers.

(Stan pours himself another drink)

My WIFE! My Brenda, she, she, she… became PREGNANT! Pregnant by Tyrone.
You believe that shit?
Nigga sat at my table, ate my food, took my money and he sullies my wife.
When I found out she was pregnant I told her she was gonna have an abortion…
I took her to the clinic myself.

(Shorty pours them both more to drink)

Shorty it was like the worst nightmare of my life; I could not believe that this crime, this injustice was happening to me, after all I’d done for Tyrone. I brought him into the business and he made a ton of money working for me.
I waited and waited for the abortion to be over and then the doctor walked out of the room looking very gloom.
He walked slowly toward me with his head down looking at the floor and he shook his head.
He cleared his throat and then he told me my dear sweet Brenda died during the procedure.
In that one horrible moment I lost everything, I lost my faith in God, in friendship and love, when I lost Brenda my soul died.

So did you think about killing Tyrone?

A thousand times!

Does Tyrone know that you know he was sleeping with your wife and made her pregnant?

No. And I want to keep it that way until I invite him here to kill him myself.

So, you are gonna kill the nigga?

Yes. I’m setting up a scheme now with a few killers.

What do you need me to do?
I never liked that nigga no way.

Shorty… you know what Chris Rock says about niggers?

No, what he say?

Chris Rock said, “You got Black people and you got niggers, and the niggers got to go!”

Tyrone has got to go!

Charles Micheaux
Ocho Rios, Jamiaca


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