“I stand before my highest mountain, and my longest journey and therefore, must I descend deeper than I ever descended before.”—Nietzsche

Holy Cross Church
329 West 42nd Street
New York, New York

How long since your last confession?

I’m an Atheist.

Why have you come here today?

I want some good advice… I need to speak with someone like you who deals with a lot bad stuff and such.

Go on my son, tell me what is so heavy on your mind this day.

My daughter, she’s only sixteen and she’s, uh, she,,, she’s Pregnant!

Go on my son…

My daughter Kim, she’s just a baby herself and she’s pregnant!
I don’t know what to say…I’m just at a loss for words here.

And your wife, where is she?

My wife, Kim’s mother she died when Kim was just six-years old.
It’s just Kim and me now.

Go on my son, tell me everything.

I found out Kim was pregnant through my sister Faye; Kim goes to Faye whenever she has any problems that relate to being a woman. Faye told me Kim was nine weeks pregnant.
Kim has told my sister she does not want to have the baby.
She wants to have an abortion.

Go on my son tell me the whole story.

I don’t want Kim to have the baby either…I, uh, I, I can’t sleep anymore…I’m afraid.
My, my dream is always the same.
And so now I don’t sleep. it’s hell…I just lay in bed and stare up at the ceiling.

What about the dreams you have is so terrible that you do not want to sleep?

Well, I’m at the hospital and the baby has been born and the baby has the blackest eyes I’ve ever seen.
The pupils of the baby’s eyes glisten like two small pools of black ink under a spotlight.
So very black and shiny; very creepy looking almost sinister.
My daughter Kim she lay motionless and my grandbaby is vibrant and alive in my arms.
My Kim is not moving, she’s dead!
I think about Kim’s mother.

What about Kim’s mother?

Kim’s mother died while having an abortion.

I see. Let me ask you…do you believe because Kim’s mother had an abortion and died Kim will die too?

You don’t understand!

Tell me.
So I can understand, please help me understand my son.

My wife who died, Oh God!
She was a very beautiful woman.
We owned a shoe store and we hired this um, this um, this black fellow to work for us as a shoe salesman.
He was ah, he was a very handsome man and, uh, uh, my wife and this black man became lovers and my wife became pregnant with his baby.
I forced her to have an abortion and she died on the abortion table.
I never told my daughter Kim how her mother died.
I do not want my daughter to die like her mother.

Why do you think your daughter would die like her mother?

My daughter she too is pregnant by a black man and she does not want to have the baby.

Eye see…

Charles Micheaux
Ocho Rios, Jamaica


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