R. KELLY Comes to Atlanta

“Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about the things that matter.”
–Dr. Martin Luther king Jr.

R.Kelly is a predator to beautiful Black teenage girls everywhere.
For some strange reason it is taking the Black community way too long to see this man is a threat to our daughters no matter what cities they live in. The history of R. Kelly is one of a serial violation of Black teenage girls under sixteen. Black jurors fail to prosecute him time after time and he goes on his merry way destroying the lives of young girls who are desperately impressionable.

I hate saying this but I must; the White community would have put R. Kelly under the jail by now for violating young White teenage girls. The Black community as far as I can tell has failed and should be ASHAMED that this creep continues to violate OUR daughters.

There is no city in America like Atlanta and I pray we do the right thing and show the rest of America you cannot violate our daughters and then strut on our stages in our community like a ROOSTER.

Some courageous Black Women in Atlanta have started a campaign to stop Black Radio Stations from playing the music of R. Kelly. Their tag is : #MuteRKelly you can find them on Twitter.

I wonder…when R.Kelly’s plane lands at the Atlanta International Airport does he know that Spelman College is the number 1 college in America shaping the minds of young Black girls in America?
Does R. Kelly know that there are more PhD’s in Atlanta than any other city in America?
Quiet as it’s kept…shhhhhhh…Atlanta is the most progressive city in America in race relations.
Atlanta also has the greatest number of Black Millionaires on the planet earth.

I am very sad to report a few Black Radio Stations have dropped the ball, no they are really a sham.

They are:

KISS 104.1


MAJIC 107.5

All three of these stations continue to play R.Kelly’s music even though they know his history; his criminal history.

We as a community should ask WHY?
A man goes around raping and violating our teenage daughters and is promoted by a few Black Radio Station Directors.
We as a community should be appalled, outraged that there is no accountability to our community for the greater good of our children.

I am very concerned if we allow R. Kelly to be promoted and held up as a hero for our black youth, especially our sons what are we saying? Do we not respect our women?
When young boys see an R. Kelly get away with rape and violating girls they think it’s O.K.
I wonder… does the community as a whole know R. Kelly’s history?

Atlanta remains the city on the hill for me and for many other blacks in the country; what message do we send when we welcome someone like R. Kelly?

I understand he is to perform at the Wolf Amphitheater on August 25th 2017.

R. Kelly has had to cancel shows in Los Angeles, New Orleans, and Dallas.
I say again, Atlanta is the city on the hill; what are we going to do?

America is watching US–Ya’ll!

Charles Micheaux
Atlanta, Georgia


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