“God gave then knowledge and skill in all learning and wisdom: and Daniel had
understanding in all visions and dreams.” –Book of Daniel 1:17

Dreams, we all have them, but why?
We have dreams while we sleep and even while we are awake.
Martin Luther King Jr. told a nation that was asleep to wake up and he told this nation–America about his dream.
His dream was about a new America where all people were free.
Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. traveled all the way from Atlanta, Georgia to the nation’s capitol in Washington, D.C.
It was a hot August day, August 28th 1963 to be exact and over 250,000 people stood in the heat under the summer sun to listen to the King’s dream.
Oh God! What a dream it was for 22 million black Americans who stood on the outside of American society.
America looked at itself in shame.

Yes America took a good hard look at itself and saw a nation mired in racism and injustice toward all of it’s black citizens. Many, many good white Americans joined the fight for equal rights for those 22 million black people fighting for their rights under the Constitution.

Too often when we think of Dreams we think of fantasies, usually visual, experienced during sleep.

Sleep is as crucial to our survival as food, water and shelter.
After one night without sleep, we become mentally unhinged.
After two nights without sleep we suffer from memory loss and diminished concentration.
A third night without sleep and delirium sets in.
A healthy human being can survive without food for about a month, a human being will die without sleep in less than two weeks.

At the first stage of sleep Alpha waves are random, their rhythm coming and going.
After about forty minutes we generate Delta waves that oscillate less than 3.5 times per second.
In this deep stage of sleep the muscles in our body regenerate and during this state of sleep it’s hard to wake up.
Brain waves are in a rush climbing back to Alpha levels. The eyes twitch back and forth, as if they are looking at a moving object. It is during this stage of sleep that we dream.

Until the mid-19th century dreams were regarded as super-natural, often prophetic.
In my Bible many times I read where God will often times speak to people through a dream, whether he was talking to Mary, Joseph or Daniel; God spoke to them all via the dream.
God continues to speak to humanity through dreams.

The Wright brothers are a perfect example of this, just consider the fact they had a dream of flight across the sky.
Orville and Wilbur Wright were two Americans brothers, inventors, and aviation pioneers who are credited with the first successful airplane. The ambition of these two brothers first began with a dream.

I argue:
The greatest super-natural force available to each of us is a dream!
The man or woman who has ceased to dream will quickly realize hell and slavery on earth.
A dream liberates the mind and spirit of a person, so the person is able to endure the fleeting hardships and difficult temporary setbacks we all will face during our lives.

Dreams propel us to heights beyond the imagination.
Each time we dream, we find the will to fight harder and we come closer to our ambition.
When we dream we are really having a private conversation with God.
God listens to us,He hears our hearts speaking and one fine day we awake from our slumber and realize the ambition has been met.

Charles Micheaux
Atlanta, Georgia


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