“The past is not dead, it’s not even past.”
–William Faulkner

The Confederate flag was created by a bunch of unpatriotic crackers around 1860.
South Carolina the most racist state in America was the first state to leave the Union after the
election of President Lincoln. The confederate states seceded from the United States were:
Miss., Fla., N.C., Ala., Ga., La., Tex., Ark., Tenn., Mo., Ky., and VIRGINIA.
These racist confederate states all REJECTED the American flag.

On Saturday, August 12th in Charlottesville, Virginia white racist hate groups gathered and they all carried
Nazi and Confederate flags; the American flag was no where to be seen among them.

A woman was killed by these white racist haters and this woman had no weapons and had not broken any laws, yet she was violently killed. Dylann Roof, a white racist, confederate, Nazi loving, flag waving psychopath he walked into a Black Church in Charleston, South Carolina and he shot and killed NINE innocent church members even though they welcomed him into the church with open arms; he shot an 89-year old woman NINE times!

The Confederate flag, the Nazi flag are symbols of extreme hate and violence, the history of these flags are associated with only death, violent death and terror to the most vulnerable. Yet again, a woman, Heather Heyer 32 year-old paralegal innocent protester was killed by a Nazi-Confederate flag waving white racist.
She was run over by a car.


The first American to die for independence from the British Empire in America was Crispus Attucks, a black man, part Native American; his father was African and his mother was of the Natic Tribe of Native Americans.
During the fight for America’s Independence there was no Confederate flag.
Let me repeat:
A Black Man/ Native American was the FIRST to die for freedom in America.

William Faulkner was so on point when he said the following:


Confederate soldiers are still with US and like Cock Roaches they won’t go away, sadly.

Charles Micheaux
U.S. Navy


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