Witches… do they really exist?

…watch how you enter, careful whom you trust, and don’t let the spacious entrance fool you!”
–Hell’s Doorkeeper:
(Dante, Inferno)

The world of Witches is a secret society that I had dismissed until I met my first wife; she was a Witch.
In my own personal experience I find Witches on the whole as nonconformists, they almost always oppose the status quo.
How did I find out my wife was a Witch, well when I realized she had put a spell on my ass.
The first day I met her I was under her control, I literally never left her side from the first day we met.
I was in the Navy driving from Virginia when my car broke down on the side of the highway, I got out and was standing next to my car when these two very beautiful woman pulled up behind me and they came over to me and told me they could take me to get my car towed. They also invited me to have lunch with them at their apartment, it was all like a dream.
I was on 30 day leave at the time headed for New York to see my parents and rest of my family.
We had a great lunch, then we smoked a lot of weed and I was floating, the call came in from the mechanic that my car would not be ready until the next day.

I told my two lovely host I needed to get a hotel room for the night; they burst out laughing.
I laughed too. So we played cards, sang songs, and told stories. They asked me about my adventures in the Navy.
Then one of the girls excused herself and she left the room to go to bed.
The other girl and I were alone and there was something so powerful about her; there was an energy that I could feel.
She told me it was her idea to stop and pick me up.
She told me it was our destiny to meet. She read my mind when she said, “You think I’m crazy right?
You are a Gemni, right? Your favorite color is blue.”
These were all true facts about me, I was taken aback.

Then she stood up and said, “Let me show you to your room.”
She lead me to a small room with a single bed, she brought out blankets and a few pillows.
I was high from the weed and Jack Daniels and yet it all was like a dream; I was waiting to wake up any minute.
I walked over to a mirror on the wall and I looked at my face and I was trying to understand what was it that this woman saw in me to stop and help me in such a big way.

I took off my uniform and got under the cover and the next thing I hear is a light knock on the door.
I open it and it’s her and she’s only wearing a see-through slip no under garments underneath.
She climbs in the bed with me and the spell from this witch engulfed me.
I never left her side until my 30 day vacation was over and just a very few months later we were married and she was adamant that we be married on October 31st, Halloween.

Some may think I’m making this story up, but it’s all true.
At some point I realized she was a Witch and I had to go and have my Native American aunt to take the spell off my ass.
Since that time I have met three other Witches that have made a profound impression on me.
From my perspective Witches are real and they have powers you do not want to come into conflict with.

The predominant characteristic of Witches is the ability to cast spells–carry out magical actions.
The concept of Witchcraft goes back as far back as the Old Testament. From that time Witchcraft points to the
theosophical conflict between good and evil. Witchcraft as I know it to exist is the practice of magical skills and abilities to allow one to operate in the supernatural world.

Witchcraft is under a revival in America and in the United Kingdom.
Female rapper, Azealia Banks confirms she is a Witch and has practiced Witchery for the past three years.

“Real Witches do real things.”
Azealia Banks

One final thought on my first wife, the Witch, she was the most fascinating, most fun person I have ever known.
Our divorce was brought on by my life as a Sailor always traveling around the world.
Every Halloween I think:

I was married to a Witch!

Charles Micheaux


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