James Brown the definitive profile by Charles Micheaux

“Don’t talk. Do.
Keep it tight.
And watch the money.”
–James Brown

James Brown passed away on Christmas day in 2006 and today he is remembered by millions of fans all over the world.
James Brown the first master of Funk Soul, known as The God Father of Soul, The Master of Funk, and
The Hardest Working Man in Show Business. He slides, spins, splits and falls to his knees.He even cries:
“Please! Please! Please!”
James Brown was born in Augusta, Georgia on May 3rd 1933
James Brown’s career in show business encompassing eighty albums, 184 singles of which a hundred made the charts!
James Brown was also a great influence to a little black boy from Gary, Indiana named Michael Jackson.
Joe Jackson, Michael’s father programmed his son to do all the moves of James Brown; I dare say, no James Brown,
no Michael Jackson. Yes, I said it!
Had there never been a James Brown there never would have been a Michael Jackson.
Speaking of Michael Jackson, MJ gave over $300 MILLION Dollars to children’s charity’s around the world.
Even now, MJ’s estate continues to give to children’s charities as quiet as it’s kept.
James Brown and Michael Jackson had a lot in common when you consider James Brown left behind a fortune
estimated $100 Million Dollars and most of that money is earmarked for educational needs of poor children
in Georgia and South Carolina.

James Brown was an activist too, always fighting for social justice and he was always clear and unwavering in his love
of his blackness and the black race. James Brown resoundingly broke out a big can of “WHIP-ASS” with his 1968 hit–
–I’m Black and I’m Proud.”
James Brown has a place in the history books that will never be topped, not by Michael Jackson or any one else for he shall remain The Hardest Working Man of Funk Soul the world has ever known.
Maceo Parker once asked James Brown after they had played everything in their music arsenal.
He said: “James! We done played everything! What we gone do now?”
James Brown smiled and threw his head back:
“I don’t know, but whatever I do, it’s got to be funky!”
–James Brown

Charles Micheaux

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