The Respectful Prostitute & Batman

“Fortune favors the audacious.”
–Desiderius Erasmus

Fiction by Charles Micheaux

The May sun was bright and warm and eye saw the most beautifully colored bird flapping it’s wings as
it descended from the heavens and the sky. The bird was utterly magnificent to behold even if I were
dreaming, but what eye saw and felt was not a dream.
The bird flew past me, it flew past time, yes, it even flew past the sweeping hand on my watch,
it flew past the flowers in bloom, it flew past too many abortions and uncovered trash cans.
Dead roses with thorns no longer acute while gripped tight.
Where was this bird on it’s way I wondered…
It’s wing stopped flapping and finally the bird rested high atop a black lamp post at
Baltimore City’s Inner Harbor.

A young white man named Richard Hertz sat alone on a bench watching the boats enter and exit the beautiful Inner Harbor of Baltimore. Richard Hertz a 25-year old Peanut farmer from Plains, Georgia had come to Baltimore to attend his older brother’s wedding and after the wedding he decided to stay in Baltimore a few more days. This in fact was the very first time Richard (Dick) had ever set foot outside the state of Georgia. The people he met in Baltimore were all happy and friendly only the gay men who came on to him made him feel uneasy. Back home in Plains all the people in the town just called him Dick.

Dick closed his eyes and thought of his ex-girl back home.
He wished they had not broken up and he feared they would never get get back together again.
When he opened his eyes he saw a very beautiful woman who sat down on the bench next to him.
The beautiful redhead pulled the band away from her hair then shook her head and her lush locks spread
over her shoulders. She reached in her bag a pulled out a small container of hand sanitizer and spread it all over her hands and fingers.

She looked over at Dick and smiled.
“Come here often?”

Not able to hide his southern drawl he replied.
“No mam, I’m from Georgia.”

“Really! Where in Georgia are you from?”

“You ever here of Plains, Georgia?” He asked.

“Not really, well, what I mean to say is, I never met anyone from Plains, Georgia;
say, that’s where President Jimmy Carter is from.”

“Yes mam.”

She extended her hand.

“Please, my name is Priscilla and you are?”

“My name is Richard Hertz Jr. but everybody back home just calls me Dick.”

She puts her hand to her mouth so not to laugh.

“So, Dick what brings you to Baltimore?”

“My older brother Tim he just got married and I was his best man, so that’s why I’m here.
I thought I’d spend a couple of days just hanging out and taking in the city of Baltimore.”

Priscilla pulls a Subway sandwich from her bag and holds it up.

“Are you hungry Dick… I got this Tuna fish sandwich that I can’t eat by myself.
Here take half of it. come on, Tuna’s good for you.

Here, really, I can’t eat the whole thing by myself.
So, do you have a girl friend?
I’m sure a handsome guy like you has girls chasing after him all the time.”

“I had a girl, but we broke up two weeks ago.
I don’t know if we ever gonna get back together though.”

“How do you like the Tuna? Is it good?
I’m sorry to hear about your girl back home.
Tell me, what do you do for a living?”

“Me, I’m a Peanut farmer.”

“Really! How fascinating…what made you want to become a Peanut farmer?”

Well, see it’s a family business, my great grand daddy, my grand daddy and my daddy all worked the farm I’m working now.”

“I see, so in fact, you are running a business…Wow! I’m impressed!
You smoke?
You do smoke, right Dick?”

“You want me to smoke a joint right here in broad daylight?”

“What? You afraid? Dick, nobody is gonna arrest you for smoking a little weed with me,
come on honey, lighten up. Here take a hit.
You know, I could really go for a guy like you –Dick.
If you could spend this evening with me would you want to?”

“Like, we go on a date… sort thing?

“You know Dick, I like your face, it’s kind and I love your beautiful blue eyes.
You sorta remind me of Steve McQueen. You are a very sexy man.
I’m sure all the girls tell you that all the time.
So, would you like to take me back to your hotel room and we can entertain each other
and possibly explore the joys of… French kissing?

Dick’s hotel was exactly across the street from the Inner Harbor twenty minutes later
Dick and Priscilla were alone in Dick’s room and the curtains were drawn.
The room was dark and quiet.
Priscilla kicked off her boat shoes.

Then jumped on top of the queen size bed.

Dick appeared lost.

Priscilla reached out her arms for Dick to lay down beside her on the bed.
Dick slowly laid down beside her she rolled on top of Dick and stuck her tongue in his ear.
She pulled it out slowly and looking down on him she took her finger and placed it on his lip.

“Now there is the matter of payment we must take care of before I go any further in tonight’s
entertainment. I’m going to need $300.00 in cash before I let you into the sweet forest.”

Dick grabbed his wallet and pulled out three fresh one hundred dollar bills and handed them to her.
She slowly unbuckled his belt and began to roll down his pants.
Startled at the sight of his Batman underwear, thoroughly amused by his matching Batman socks,she shook her head and started to giggle.

Charles Micheaux





Short Fiction by Charles Micheaux

Riverside Church
New York, New York
A eulogy service.

Good morning…I thank you all for coming to help me celebrate the lives of my husband, Paul and my daughter, Autumn. In the book of Job there is a passage that comes to me at this time:
I am alone now, having lost my husband and daughter; I feel like Job this morning, I really do.
Paul, my husband, and Autumn, my daughter, we have lived a life most people can only dream about, we lived it. We traveled the world, and have had all the fine things money can buy.
I hasten to add however, we never let money stop us from seeing the really important things of life.

Paul is the person in my life whom the Sun rose and fell each and everyday of my life.
Just last week my world was perfect and yet today I stand before you broken and hurting.
I could never imagine I would be standing here delivering the eulogy for my husband and daughter.

Death really changes you, I know it has changed me and how I look at the world.
I have learned every contact we share with the people we truly love is an experience
of the greatest blessing of favor God allows us.
We therefore should preserve each moment with gladness.
Death really does change you,when I was just eight-years old I recall my first experience with death,
it was utterly unexpected and shocking to me. I was sitting in my backyard painting a tree not far from me when I suddenly heard the sound of a branch form the tree break and then I saw a tiny squirrel fall
to it’s death in front of me. I was startled and ran back up on my back porch and then I saw two adult squirrels race down the tree. One of the adult squirrels picked up the baby squirrel with it’s mouth and hopped a few times then gently laying the baby squirrel down again.
The adult squirrels began to lift up dirt and they dug a small hole and placed the baby squirrel in it.
Then they covered the hole up again with dirt and twigs. They climbed back up the Oak tree and I never saw them again.
I realize we all love our family as we all breathe the same air and we all mourn for our departed.

Paul and Autumn were killed last Thursday by someone texting and driving;
Paul and Autumn had gone to pick up a pizza; the pizza shop not far from our apartment
so they decided to walk. In the blink of an eye they were taken from me.
The loss that I feel even now cannot be weighed, to tell you the truth, I really don’t know how
I’m going to make it with out them.
I almost feel as though I’m giving my own eulogy; I don’t know how I can get on with out Paul and Autumn.
It’s strange indeed, I know I will be with them again.
I thank you all for being here today for me, my husband and my daughter.
I leave you with these words:

from the book of Job.

May you all return home safely.




March 21st

Famed Broadway Actress, Heidi Swartz Dead at 42
Heidi Swartz suffered a major heart attack upon her return to the Broadway stage in the production
of OTHELLO. The actress married to the late Paul Williams, he too a Broadway star who just two weeks before starred in the same production opposite his wife.
Paul Williams died in a auto accident. Heidi Swartz had taken a ten day absence from the production
of OTHELLO. Since her untimely death the production of OTHELLO is permanently cancelled.
Ticket holders will be refunded.

Funeral arrangements for the beloved Broadway star are underway.

The story regarding the death of the baby squirrel is true.

Charles Micheaux

Andy Warhol the definitive profile by Charles Micheaux

“In the future, every person will be world-famous for 15 minutes.”
–Andy Warhol

Andy Warhol American painter, filmmaker, illustrator, publisher, prophet and pop icon.
Andy Warhol a prophet?
How so, Charles Micheaux, you ask?
Well, it was Andy Warhol who predicted Facebook would give each of us world fame for just 15 minutes and guess what boys and girls?
Andy Warhol was right!

Can you buy that idea?
“Buying is more American than thinking, and I’m as American as they come.”
–Andy Warhol

Only a prophet and a genius could utter something so profound and true.
Andy Warhol who came from humble beginnings was born on August 6th 1928 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
and surprising to me is Andy Warhol was a year older than Dr. Martin Luther king Jr., even now, I find this fantastic. When Andy Warhol first came to New York in 1949 he was like a meteor out of Pittsburgh that landed in the heart of New York and sprinkled itself among the largest and powerful stars of
Gotham City. In the 1960’s there was a time in the city where Andy Warhol was ubigquitous,no matter where
you traveled in New York City you would see Warhol’s work.

The thing I find so Cool about Andy Warhol is the fact that he really worked his ass off;
the cat never stopped grinding.
Artist, critics, and art audiences were all arguing about this amazing and fascinating
“Dark Star” named Andy Warhol.
He created art that made people stop in their tracks; his work had the power to transfix the mind.
You would look at what he created and try to understand fully the image before you.
Warhol’s signature style became the repeated image, often of a photograph, silk-screened in vivid or
unusual colors.

Art critic, Rainer Crone said of Warhol, “Andy Warhol was the first to create something more than traditional “fine art” for the edification of the few.”

Andy Warhol died on February 22nd 1987 in New York City.
Author Herrman Wunsche said in his biography of Warhol:

“Andy Warhol more than any other artist of our age is intensively preoccupied with the concept of time.”

Andy Warhol: Das Graphische Werk 1962-1980
Herrman Wunsche

Yes, it was Andy Warhol who warned US about those fleeting 15 minutes we would someday enjoy on
Facebook… I wonder… how did he know?

Charles Micheaux

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# kanyewest : Nihilism of Kanye

#kanyewest “I feel like I’m too busy writing history to read it.” –Kanye West

Kanye West is fast becoming the most obnoxious person in America only second to our president.
I hasten to add that I have come to feel sorry for Kanye West because he displays signs of someone
who is seriously mentally unstable. And that I do not find humorous in any way shape or form.

I open this essay talking about Nihilism, well some may ask what is that?
The word Nihilism comes from the Latin word Nihil, which means nothing.
Webster’s dictionary tells us the word Nihilism means beliefs unfounded or something that is just absurd.
Now, let’s talk about Kanye West shall we?

In the last two weeks Kanye West has taken over the world wide web with some truly cockamamy ideas.
The tweet that brought me laughter by Kanye is where he says he sells more sneakers than
Michael Jordan. I’m sure NIKE smiled at that one.
So, we know Kanye West is capable of lying out his teeth, but then there are subjects I find sacred like the history of Slaves, Black Slaves in America.
Recently Kanye West was interviewed by TMZ in Hollywood and during that interview, a serious interview mind you, Kanye West said,


My heart dropped.
My emotions flew past anger to sympathy for Kanye West.
He is a very troubled man standing on the world stage with no clothes on as excrement falls from his mouth and his behind. He’s standing deep in shit and he can’t even smell it and every second another person walks away from the circus clown of rap so many have enjoyed.

Is there someone out there who can talk with Kanye and ask him to chill?
Kanye lives pretty much in a glass house and it is he who’s taken the sledge hammer
swinging it at all the windows for the world to look deep inside his psyche only to be
horrified by gross insanity.

Kanye West honors the Confederate flag only to increase sales for his records.
The Confederate flag is the symbol of death, hate, racism, and lynchings, many thousands of lynchings of Black Americans in America. Millions of Black Americans and Native American peoples were killed under the banner of this nefarious symbol.
Clearly Kanye West is ignorant of the history and legacy of this most destructive and vile flag of white supremacy.

In a recent interview with DJ Charlamagne,Kanye West objected to Harriet Tubman being on the new $20 dollar bill.


Let me say again, I really feel sorry for Kanye West, in the past I held ill feelings, but today,
I sincerely feel very sorry for him and our youth as well, because there are millions of young people who love the guy and he’s just melting down and turning into goo right before their eyes.

Did you know… Ludacris, (Atlanta Rapper) wore a Confederate flag suit at the Vibe Music Awards in 2005?
He sang, “Georgia” and at the end of the song he took off the Confederate flag suit, threw it on the floor and stomped on it.
I smiled wide and said…BRAVO!!!

Charles Micheaux