The Sabbath Day

“The Sabbath , thus, is more than an armistice, more than an interlude; it is a profound conscious harmony of man and the world, a sympathy for all things and a participation in the spirit that unites what is below and what is above. This is the Sabbath, and the true happiness of the universe.”

— Abraham Joshua Heschel

The Sabbath was established by God after He made the world in six days. The Sabbath is a day of holiness when man can find special favor with God through prayer and meditation. The sacredness of the Sabbath serves as a perpetual reminder to humankind of our Covenant with God. Yes, the Sabbath is a day we can and should strengthen our faith and learn to rely on God the Father to help us. In light of Covid-19 as we watch helplessly our children and babies are suffering and dying from this dreadful disease, Covid-19. Yes brothers and sisters The Sabbath is Upon Us! Our prayers never go unheard and on the Sabbath day God grants special blessings to those who seek Him and ask. I speak from experience when I say I know that God does deliver special blessings on the Sabbath, for He has blessed me and rescued me many times throughout my life, Amen.

Family, may we all pray and meditate and give thanks to God and ask Him to protect our children and our babies.

John 14:13


Biblical scholars recognize that Saturday was and is the day of the Sabbath.

Charles Micheaux


Author: Charles Micheaux

Charles Micheaux is an orator & philosopher. Charles has been a professional speaker since September 9th 1997. His highest honor is receiving a personal letter from Rosa Parks for his work in Baltimore, Maryland. Charles was a contributor at Yahoo for three-years.

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