Lawrence Vinson Jr. Security Consulting

“The phone is the Key to better management of access to doors, gates.” –Lawrence Vinson Jr.

Lawrence Vinson Jr. Security Consultant

Hello friends today I’d like to talk about one of the best security systems networks companies in Atlanta.

The company is Priority Response Systems and Networks, LLC, manged by my friend of nine-years–Lawrence Vinson Jr.

What this company does is create security measures specific to the needs of a home, business, or construction site. Lawrence Vinson Jr. has been in business for 30-years, he started out as an ethernet cable business but after ten-years he transitioned into security monitoring and access control systems.

Client list includes:

1.) Home Depot

2.) Morris Brown College

3.) 4 U Records (Recording Studio)

4.) Nfinity ( International Company)

Priority Response Systems and Networks is one of the fastest growing companies in greater Atlanta and it’s not just business in Atlanta. Nine years ago, my father died right around Christmas time and my mother was living alone in Augusta, Georgia and I realized she would need a good security system now that my father had passed on. I asked friends if any knew of a reputable security company and everyone I spoke with told me to call Lawrence Vinson.

I called Lawrence and told him the situation and I asked him if he could do the job in short order, he told me he could. I called my mother and told her to expect someone from Priority Response Systems and Networks. Lawrence went to Augusta, met my mom and put a wonderful system in that was easy to understand and simple to use. Lawrence Vinson Jr. and I have been friends ever since.

So, If you have security needs for your home or business please consider:


Priority Response Systems and Networks, LLC

3105 Washington Road

Atlanta, Georgia 30344

Phone: (404) 503-0587

Contact: Lawrence Vinson Jr.

E-mail :

Author: Charles Micheaux

Charles Micheaux is an orator & philosopher. Charles has been a professional speaker since September 9th 1997. His highest honor is receiving a personal letter from Rosa Parks for his work in Baltimore, Maryland. Charles was a contributor at Yahoo for three-years.

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