Fannie Lou Hamer Trailblazer…

“There is one thing you have got to learn about the movement. Three people are better than no people.”–Fannie Lou Hamer

Fannie Lou Hamer Voting Rights Champion

Every Black American artist stands on the shoulders of the great Fannie Lou Hamer. All of us, actors, writers, singers, filmmakers, poets, rappers, painters, and musicians. Even now, in 2021 we stand on the very shoulders of this courageous and noble woman. The mode of travel we enjoy today, the luxury lodging we so love, the fancy restaurants we love to eat our meals, the very top schools we so love enrolling our children in. All of these new privileges were paid for by Martin Luther King Jr., Rosa Parks, Viola Liuzzo, Andrew Young, Ralph Abernathy, Coretta Scott King and Fannie Lou Hamer.

Who is Fannie Lou Hamer you ask?

Fannie Lou Hamer is a very important black woman whose grandparents were slaves who picked cotton. Her parents were sharecroppers on the same cotton plantation her grandparents were slaves. Fannie Lou Hamer was introduced to the cotton plantation when she was just six-years old and for the next eighteen-years of her life she worked like a slave on that same plantation.

One day when the white plantation owner found out Fannie Lou Hamer tried to register and vote he fired her from her job after eighteen-years of service. Years later one of Fannie Lou Hamer’s daughter’s died as a result of being denied hospital care because of her mother’s civil rights activism. In the early 1960’s Fannie Lou Hamer became a member of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC) she was also an active member of the Student Nonviolent Committee (SNCC); two of the most progressive organizations fighting for civil rights.

Fannie Lou Hamer worked day after day, year after year, raising public awareness about the unfair policies that kept Black Americans away from the ballot box. The great efforts by Dr. King, Viola Liuzzo, Andrew Young, Ralph Abernathy, Coretta Scott King and Fannie Lou Hamer helped in the passage of the 1965 Voting Rights Act.

Fannie Lou Hamer is one of the most important people in the civil rights movement. Our children should be taught about her, for she is an American Hero.

Charles Micheaux


To my Native American Brothers and Sisters…

Wanna Tokata Iyaya…Oahe!

Author: Charles Micheaux

Charles Micheaux is an orator & philosopher. Charles has been a professional speaker since September 9th 1997. His highest honor is receiving a personal letter from Rosa Parks for his work in Baltimore, Maryland. Charles was a contributor at Yahoo for three-years.

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