Geronimo the great Apache Warrior

“I was born on the praries where the wind blew free and there was nothing to break the Sun.” –Go-yah-kla

( AKA Geronimo)

Go-yah-kla (aka- Geronimo)

November is Native American Heritage Month and this is the time to celebrate and educate the general public about Native American people. The blood that runs through my veins is that of a proud Native American woman I simply knew as grandmother.

Geronimo is the greatest of all the Apache warriors, he was a Gemni, born June 16th 1829. The legend goes, as a boy he swallowed the heart of his first kill in order to ensure a life of success on the hunt. To the Apache tribe Geronimo was the essence of the best and most skilled Indian warrior, he was fearless, clever, ruthless, and honorable as a man of his word. At the tender age of seventeen Geronimo fell in love with a very beautiful Apache girl named Alope. The two teenagers were married and had three children together; one day while Geronimo was out on a trading mission, Mexican soldiers raided the camp where Geronimo’s family were set up. Geronimo’s mother, wife, and three children were all killed in the attack. Geronimo cried for three days alone and when there were no more tears he became enraged and then he rounded up two hundred Apache warriors and for the next ten years he hunted down every single Mexican soldier who had a hand in the slaughter of his family. One by one Geronimo killed each soldier.

The name Geronimo was given to him by the Mexican army; during a fierce battle on the Mexican holiday–St. Geronimo Day, Go-yah-kla crushed the Mexican army and from that day forward they called him Geronimo.

U.S. Paratroopers of World War II saw the 1940 movie ‘GERONIMO’ the night before mass training jumps and as each man fell from the sky they all shouted proudly G-E-R-O-N-I-M-O !

The U.S. Navy SEALs used the code name Geronimo in the hunt for Osama Bin Laden. It took the SEALs ten years to hunt down and kill OBL.

The Special Forces community hold Go-yah-kla in the highest regard as they should for he is the father of guerrilla warfare in America.

Charles Micheaux


Author: Charles Micheaux

Charles Micheaux is an orator & philosopher. Charles has been a professional speaker since September 9th 1997. His highest honor is receiving a personal letter from Rosa Parks for his work in Baltimore, Maryland. Charles was a contributor at Yahoo for three-years.

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