Tammie Creed a progressive Democrat from Louisiana

“We are behind, is where I see us right now. I just pray the damage isn’t irreparable.”–Tammie Creed

Tammie Creed and her lovely daughter Ashlynn

Each year I profile four of the most fascinating people I know and Tammie Creed is truly, one of the most fascinating people I know. I follow her on Twitter and each day I learn something new and I giggle at least four times during the day over something she posted with a clever remark. Tammie is super smart, bold, noble, courageous and filled with wit.

You can follow Tammie Creed on Twitter @tlccourville


Thank you Tammie Creed for granting me this interview, it’s great to speak with you again.

Q.) What are your feelings right now in light of the voter suppression happening in Texas and Georgia?

A.) When I think about America and what makes this country great, to me, it is the fundamental right to be heard, to have the right to speak up and speak out by the way of my vote. Without that right, we reside in an authoritarian state. When I think of all the battles fought and lives given for that inalienable right which is slowly being taken away. I am ashamed for the lives lost in vain. The United States begins and ends with the right to vote.

Q.) Many people think Texas is blue, what do you think? Do you agree?

A.) Texas may very well have turned blue, but because we looked away for many years the Republicans were busy at work making sure the minority stayed in power. The extreme measures being taken to keep the majority silenced makes it hard to know whether or not Texas is blue. Until further proof I do not feel that it is blue.

Q.) Do you think there will be a blue wave in 2022?

A.) Regarding a blue wave in 2022, if I’m being honest, I don’t know if I see that happening. We turned out in record shattering numbers in 2018, but Congress having regained power after that we had the rug pulled out from under our feet. We followed the same path in 2020 but it wasn’t enough. Our messaging is not aggressive as Republicans. Once we got power in 2020 again we drug our feet. The number of voters that are exhausted and worn out is frighteningly high. The Democrats have not been aggressive enough since 2018. The electorate feels like we are not being heard. All I can do, once again is show up and try to help turn out the vote next year, but I am not hopeful. My parties leadership has been weak. Seems like no one’s being held accountable for anything. The situation is beyond infuriating, it’s frustrating and exhausting.

Q.) What is your ambition for the rest of the year?

A.) To survive with my heart not hardened, my spirit not broken.

Q.) Where were you born?

A.) I was born in Monroe, Louisiana, I moved to southward Lafayette in 1998.

Q.) How long have you been active in politics?

A.) I guess you could say I was born into a progressive way of thinking. From as far back as I remember my father’s mission in life was to empower those who had been left behind. When I was a little girl I remember my father working for CAP ( Community Action Program) and then onto economic development of the parishes along the Delta. Because of my father I have always been able to see, really see people and have empathy. I know,it is incumbent upon all of us to help others thrive and prosper. It only improves ALL our lives when we take care of one another. So, yes, I have always been a Progressive Democrat.

Q.) With so many Twitter followers what is the thrust of your platform?

A.) I don’t know that I have a specific platform. I got on Twitter in 2016 simply because it was the most expedient way to receive news. I am a blue dot in a red sea. I do not have democrats around me. Twitter afforded me the opportunity to connect with thousands of people, I no longer feel like an island, so I try to use my platform to help others connect. The more of us that connect and feel safe to speak freely, the better chance we have to make change. The better chance we have NOT to be silenced.

Q.) What is the best investment you’ve ever made?

A.) Carrying on what my father taught me, to be beautiful from the inside out and leave no one behind. I would include my cancer policy.

Q.) Have been vaccinated for COVID-19 yet?

A.) I have been vaccinated for COVID-19 as soon as vaccinations were made available. I wasted no time, I was in line to get it done, and I’m grateful my 17-year old daughter begged me to get her vaccinated as well.

Q.) Why is the word abbreviation such a long word?

A.) LOL… to remind us how nice short cuts are.

Q.) If you could have a gigantic billboard anywhere in Austin, Texas with anything on it, what would it say?

A.) “Whatever you did NOT do for one of the least of these, you did NOT do for me.”– Matthew 25:45

Anything less, is at its core, not Christian. And you will have to answer to Christ for turning your back.

Charles Micheaux

Austin, Texas

Texas Democrats leading the fight for Democracy

“I just donated to the Texas Democrats urgent efforts to save democracy.”

–Christopher Constantine, Esq.

Texas Democrats the glory of their generation.

Yesterday morning I was talking with a friend–Tammie Creed, a progressive democrat from Louisiana and Tammie was expressing her deep concern for our Democratic Party in the light of these new voter suppression rules put in place by a nefarious and corrupt Republican Party. At the conclusion of our conversation Tammie told me no matter what the republicans do, we have to fight the good fight for democracy.

In the next breath I saw an explosion enthusiasm take hold of Twitter. Then I saw the tweet that explained the explosion; it came from Ari Berman.

“It’s crazy and infuriating how Texas Democrats are pulling out all the stops to block GOP voter suppression but Senate Democrats refuse to use all their power to pass federal legislation protecting voting rights.” –Ari Berman

I do believe Ari’s comment was the spark needed to set Twitter ablaze with excitement. There were so many great tweets that followed showing appreciation for our brave Texas Democrats. Then there was Beto O’Rourke’s tweet where he was captured on video expressing his gratitude as well, in addition, he told us where we could donate to help the cause being undertaken by Texas Democrats. Sending a nice tweet is good, but following up with a donation is even better! Beto told us we can send donations via Twitter to: bit.ly/KcEEjQ

Those of us who can afford to help fund this important effort should do so. If we truly care about democracy in America there is no better way than making a contribution now. We must make choices that enable us to fullfill the deepest capacities of ourselves. Each ripple we make, no matter how small can and will make all the difference in the world. If we falter in our effort to support those brave Texas Democrats, Democracy in America maybe lost for a generation. We stand at the crossroad for democracy.

To donate and help Texas Democrats remain steadfast…using your Twitter page go to… bit.ly/3kcEEjQ

Thank You!

Charles Micheaux

Vero Beach, FL.

Oscar Micheaux Quotes

Oscar Micheaux is the first Black Best Selling Novelist and the first Black Independent Filmmaker in America.

There is no barrier to success which diligence and perseverance cannot hurdle.

Every man and woman should cast aside their skepticism regarding the Negro’s ability as a motion picture star.

Motion pictures have become one of the greatest revitalizing forces in race adjustment.

There has been but one picture that incited colored people to riot and still does. That picture is “Birth of A Nation.”

I want to see the Negro pictured in books just like he lives, so I formed my own book publishing firm and write my own books.

The time is at hand–the Negro must be more self-supporting

I use my films to help elevate the race.

One of the greatest tasks of my life has been to teach the colored man he can be anything.

We want to see our lives dramatized on the screen as we are living it, the same as other people.

My long experience with all classes of humanity had made me somewhat of a student of human nature.

What I like best is a good story with a moral.

I try to write more on Sunday.

Honest, intelligent criticism is an aid to the progress of an effort.

The point being that it is an intricate task, not to say a most expensive one, to film periods gone by.

The poor guys down south want to see some pretty legs–dancing and beautiful girls. We’ve got to satisfy them.

My results…might have been narrow at times, due perhaps to certain limited situations, which I endeavored to portray, but in those limited situations,the truth was the predominate characteristic.

I did not by any means want to fall in love with a white girl. I had always disapproved of intermarriage, considering it as above all things the very thing that a colored man could not even think about.

Your self image is so powerful, it unwittingly becomes your destiny.


Oscar Micheaux had a strong social conscience and indomitable spirit that we should all try to find in ourselves. –Charles Micheaux


“The die is cast.” –Julius Caesar

(He spoke these words as he crossed the Rubicon River on to conquer his enemies.)

The great Julius Caesar golden statue.

It has been said Julius Caesar began to excel in everything he attempted when he turned 40-years old. He was an orator, politician, writer, and beloved general of the Roman Army.His ambition was the transformation of Rome from a small republic into a conquering empire with himself as emperor. Julius Caesar rose to prominence in the first century BC conquering France, Belgium and Germany. He was the most beloved general of the Roman Army. The senate, led by Pompey was in fear of Caesar’s growing popularity and they even ordered him to disband his army. Julius Caesar refused the order.

He kept his army intact and he and his men marched on the Capitol, crossing the Rubicon River- in this most decisive moment he uttered:

“The die is cast.”

Julius Caesar and his men were on the move and nothing on earth would stop them or turn them around–a civil war ensued. His brilliance in warfare was unmatched and as his foes realized Caesar’s forces were superior they did retreat. Julius Caesar pursued his enemies across Europe and ultimately into Egypt where Pompey was killed and beheaded by the Egyptians; they handed over the severed head to Julius Caesar as a gift. Julius Caesar was said to have wept. There was a sadness in having to kill a former comrade of the Roman Army. While in Egypt Julius Caesar fell in love with Cleopatra and he made her queen of Egypt. When Julius Caesar returned to Rome he ruled as a dictator; it even occurred to observers that Caesar wanted to be recognized as a king. When he was addressed by some senators, he chose not to rise from his seat-this was an admission that he did not consider them his equal.


A senator named, Gaius Cassius sought out other senators in a plot to assassinate Julius Caesar on The Ides of March. Soon Cassius won the approval of sixty men ready to carry out the assassination of Julius Caesar . On March 14th, Caesar gathered with friends at his home and someone brought up the subject of death. They talked about the best death. Caesar is reported to have said: “A sudden death would be best.”

On the morning of March 15th, Caesar’s wife, Calpurnia begged Caesar not to go to the senate that day for she dreamed he would be killed.

Just before Julius Caesar entered the senate building he saw a soothsayer who warned him sometime before of The Ides of March.

Caesar smiled and replied, “The Ides of March have come and gone.”

The soothsayer quickly replied and warned again: “But not gone.”

Caesar brushed by and walked to his seat in the senate and a signal was given to start the attack. Caesar fought back. He was startled when he saw his dear friend-Brutus rushing toward him with dagger too. Caesar stopped fighting his attackers and Brutus struck Caesar with his dagger and Caesar staggered a few feet and then fell to the floor at the foot of a statue of Pompey and there he died.

Julius Caesar is a important historical figure like John F. Kennedy,

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and like both of these men he too was assassinated by political conspirators.


Charles Micheaux




Dylann Roof & Juneteenth Black Church Massacre Update 2021


Dylann Roof white terrorist racist killer during Juneteenth holiday 2015.


This is the most difficult essay I have ever written and perhaps the most difficult I will ever write. It is a gruesome story only to be equaled to the 1963 bombing of the black church in Birmingham where four little black girls were killed. On June 17th 2015 Dylann Roof carried out a depravity unimaginable and beyond all thoughts of humanity. Myra Thompson led the prayer group that evening and she read the parable of the sower in “Mark” chapter 4.

“The sower soweth the word…but Satan cometh immediately, and taketh away the word that was sown in their hearts.”

The prayer group at Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church came together at 8:00 P.M. and at 8:20 P.M. Dylann Roof entered the historic black church wearing a bulging fanny pack. Inside the fanny pack there was a.45 caliber Glock pistol and seven fully loaded magazine clips. Dylann Roof took a seat next to Reverend and South Carolina State Senator Clementa Pinckney. Reverend Pinckney handed Dylann Roof a Bible.

Thirty-five minutes later as the parishioners eyes were closed for the benediction Dylann Roof removed his .45 Glock pistol and took aim at Reverend Clementa Pinckney and shot him three times at point blank range. Dylan Roof then pointed his gun at 87-year old Susie Jackson and he shot her more than ten times! Each victim of his assault was hit repeatedly with gunfire and at the very end of this gruesome massacre there were over eighty shell casings on the floor. Two women who survived the attack said Reverend Pinckney managed to run twenty feet toward the office door in which his wife-Jennifer and his six-year old daughter-Malana were. Reverend Pinckney collasped before reaching the door which protected his family.

Nine beloved church members of Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church were lost in a hail of bullets.

A very strange thing happened right after the shooting someone called the police to make a bomb threat against the “Courtyard Marriott” Hotel located at 125 Calhoun Street; the church is located at 11o Calhoun Street. The police were dispatched to 125 Calhoun Street to secure the area which unwittingly complicated the church shootings police investigations. Dylann Roof went out the back door of Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church casually walking back to his car then driving off into the night. The next morning, 250 miles away in the town of Shelby, North Carolina Dylann Roof was pulled over by local police and arrested.


1.) Why did Dylann Roof target Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church?

2.) How did Dylann Roof know what time to go there?

3.) Why did Dylann Roof kill on June 17th and not June 30th?

4.) Why is the date of these killing so important?

5.) Why did Dylann Roof kill Reverend Clementa Pinckney first?

6.) Was Dylann Roof a programed assassin?

7.) Did Juneteenth serve as motivation that the massacre take place on June 17th?

8.) What is JUNETEENTH?


Juneteenth or June 19th is considered the date when the last slaves in America were free. Juneteenth serves as a milestone to remind all Americans of the long hard battle for Black Americans to get their freedom and end slavery. Each year Juneteenth is a festival of which African Americans can come together to observe and reflect the Emancipation Proclamation.

On Tuesday, January 3rd 2017 almost two-years after the massacre a jury of nine white and three blacks found Dylann Roof guilty on 33 counts, then Judge Richard M. Gergel imposed a sentence of death to Dylann Roof. Days before sentencing Dylann Roof’s mother-Amy Roof cried out loudly, shouting at the top of her lungs,


She waved her arms. She jumped up and down. She collapsed onto the floor and did suffer a heart attack. Dylann Roof never turned around to see or look on his mother. No, he just looked straight on and displayed not a morsel of remorse or sadness.

On January 20th, 2020 Dylann Roof’s lawyers are seeking a new trial because they claim he was insane at the last trial in which he was allowed to defend himself. This saga continues and the pain to each family still runs deep. Nine innocent, peaceful Black Americans were killed simply because of the color of their skin and their African heritage.

Charles Micheaux


George Washington Carver the definitive profile by Charles Micheaux

“Start where you are, with what you have. Make something out of it and never be satisfied.”

–George Washington Carver

(July 24, 1931)

George Washington Carver the world’s greatest agricultural scientist of the 20th century and perhaps the most accomplished American of the 20th century. Over the years I have given countless lectures on the life of George Washington Carver and before ending my talks I always remind my audience that in my world George Washington Carver without any doubt is the most accomplished American of the 20th century. I speak mainly to black audiences and too often some wanna be black intellectual will take issue with my claim, this same joker, or these same jokers only know what they have been taught in white schools. White schools that have failed black children for the past 100 years or more, telling the true history and legacy of black Americans has never been the mission or fundamental purpose of the white school system. The jokers I speak of have no clue who George Washington Carver really was; George Washington Carver has no equal in stature by any man black or white in the 20th century.

Why do I speak with such confidence?

Well for one thing I am one of the top scholars in the world on the life of George Washington Carver, I hasten to add the beloved Dick Gregory could have written a number of great books on Carver as well. While Dick Gregory was alive I did not know who knew more about Dr. Carver, him or me, but it was never an important issue for either of us. Many years ago when I was a professional stage actor in New York City I was approached and asked to portray George Washington Carver in a an Off-Broadway stage play.  I took on the role gladly and during my research on the man I thought my head would explode. I was transformed!

I continued my study of the great George Washington Carver long after the play was over and I retired from the theatre’, however since that time I have read over a thousand essays on George Washington Carver and every single  book ever written on the man. I have read the works of scholars from all over the world, so I speak with authority and supreme confidence from my over thirty years of study and for this reason I do not need popular approval from wanna be talking heads who think themselves intellectuals of the first order. Any black American who lacks the knowledge of the true history of his or her people is a clown, a joker, a fool who proves to be an empty bottle of hot air which serves no need or purpose to anyone.

The accomplishments of George Washington Carver are really too many to list, but let me give you a few that stand out in my mind. George Washington Carver had 325 global products made from peanuts alone. George Washington Carver had 155 global products that were made from “Sweet Potatoes.”

George Washington Carver invented shoe polish; shoe wax.  During World War I George Washington Carver replaced textile dyes that were being imported from Europe and he was able to produce over 500 different shades for the U.S. Military. In 1927 George Washington Carver invented a process for producing paints and stains from soybeans. George Washington Carver has had a long history for serving his country, why in 1918 he was called before Congress to help save the crops of Southern farmers; during his talk Thomas Edison was in the audience and afterward Thomas Edison asked George Washington Carver to come work for him at  a yearly salary of $100,000 with a guaranteed signing bonus of $200.000.

George Washington Carver refused the money.

He did however give away many ideas and products to Thomas Edison without any expectation of compensation. He gave away ideas to Henry Ford; and actually showed him how to start what we now know as a Plant–being the structure for assembly for mass production. George Washington Carver dedicated his life to helping uplift the life of Black Americans through education at the Tuskegee Institute. He taught at Tuskegee for 47 years up until the very day he died.

Today if you took a poll and asked who was the most accomplished  black American of the 20th century  many would say Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.  I stand at the opposite end of the room and as a scholar and someone who loves history I would say take a very good, very hard look at the life of George Washington Carver.

Let’s look at the life of both these men?

First off, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Had great parents, I mean this man had a great mother and father. The resources that were provided to young Martin Luther King Jr. one would be hard pressed to find in a normal upper middleclass family.  Martin Luther King Jr. never went to bed hungry and he was never without shoes on his feet. He had great role models to help shape him (Dr. Benjamin Mays) and all the gifts that one can bestow on a young man who grew up as a prince.

Now let’s look at the beginnings of George Washington Carver.

Let’s see now, he was born into slavery.

He was traded for a broken down race horse as a slave boy.

He was castrated by his white slave owner.

He was not allowed to attend white schools.

He does not have a single role model to follow.

He never knew his father.

George Washington Carver did not even know the actual date of his birth.

How does one overcome such injustice?

All the crap that can be heaped on a life was put on the shoulders  of George Washington Carver and somehow this man came out on top. I tell you the truth, George Washington Carver is the most accomplished American of the 20th century!

In 1938 Hollywood made a movie called, “Life of George Washington Carver.”

Did you know… George Washington Carver is the only American that has two US Naval Ships named after him?

Did you know… George Washington Carver is the only American that has two US Postage Stamps in his image?

Did you know… George Washington Carver has a 50-cent coin of his likeness with a  value of $1,000?

Did you know that… more schools in America are named after George Washington Carver than any other American living or dead?

George Washington Carver passed away on a cold morning of January 5th 1943.

I speak as a man who truly loves the legacy and remarkable life of the great George Washington Carver, and please, if you know of a person more accomplished in the 20th century please let me know, my e-mail is charlesmicheaux6@gmail.com.

I’ve made this offer 1,000  times and still I wait…

Charles Micheaux

President of George Washington Carver Society


Crispus Attucks 1st. to die during the American Revolution

“When a man has given his best, what else is there?”
–General George S. Patton–U.S. Army

Crispus Attucks was a black man, he was the very first person to die for freedom during the American Revolution. He was born in Framingham, MA, he was part Native American and part Black American. His mother was of the Natick tribe of Native Americans. Crispus Attucks stood six feet, two inches tall and at the time the average man was only five feet, seven inches tall. Crispus Attucks was a  merchant seaman who had traveled the world; he spoke four languages.
Crispus Attucks was also an icon of the anti-slavery movement of the 18th century. He was in fact the most out spoken and most eloquent speaker against colonialism, British tyranny and racism. The first shots for freedom heard around the world were the two shots that killed Crispus Attucks. Upon the death of Crispus Attucks his fellow white American countrymen and women took up arms to fight the British to the death for the freedom of America. The fight for freedom raged on for over five years and it all  started with the blood of this most beloved American freedom fighter named Crispus Attucks. Crispus Attucks was born into slavery in 1723 and as a teenager he dreamed of being a freeman; one night slipped aboard a merchant ship and as the ship left the Boston Harbor and set sail to far away lands he soon was hired as a seaman and shortly after that he bought his freedom. During this period sailors often hunted and killed whales with harpoons. The whaling captains valued the output of Crispus Attucks. Whale blubber was big business, the blubber was used for making candles and lamp oil. Crispus Attucks would often return to the city of Boston but on the evening of March 5th 1770, he joined his fellow patriots. Yes, Crispus Attucks fought alongside white men and women against the British soldiers for America’s freedom. British soldiers shot and killed Crispus attucks and  he fell back into the arms of his fellow Americans the Revolution for freedom in America began. This important event is known today as the Boston Massacre. In Boston Commons there is a monument that honors Crispus Attucks in Boston, Massachusetts.

Charles Micheaux


Jack Johnson the definitive profile by Charles Micheaux

“How incongruous to think that I, a little Galveston colored boy, should ever become the acquaintance of kings and rulers of the Old World, or that I should number among my friends some of the most famous persons of America and of the world.” –Jack Johnson
(1st. Black Heavy Weight Boxing Champion)


Jack Johnson was the first Black American world heavyweight boxing champion.
White folks saw and felt Jack Johnson as one really bad Negra.
Black folks on the other hand saw and felt Jack Johnson was one really bad Nigger.
In the 1990’s I was asked to portray Jack Johnson in a very famous stage play called,
THE GREAT WHITE HOPE; it is a an enormous stage production with some twenty actors in total; I do not know of any play that has more actors in it. During the months of research on the life of Jack Johnson, I soon discovered too, that Jack Johnson was really a bad ass Nigger! I mean this in the most endearing way; Jack Johnson was the most outstanding black man of his times.

Jack Johnson was born on March 31, 1878 in Galveston, Texas.
He had 104 fights, 73 wins, 13 losses and he held the world championship belt from 1908 -1915.
Jack Johnson disturbed white America so bad that they would not allow another black man to compete for the heavyweight championship for twenty-two years, from 1915- 1937 black men were barred by the white establishment from getting an opportunity to fight for the “grand prize” of boxing.

In 1937 Joe Louis is allowed to fight for the heavyweight championship and it had been twenty-two years since a black man held the title and that black man was Jack Johnson. One of the many conditions Joe Louis had to agree to before he would get a title shot was to never, ever, have his picture taken with a white woman. He also had to agree that he should never gloat over beating the crap out of a white opponent. Jack Johnson really put the scare in white America and Joe Louis too.

The world heavyweight boxing championship belt is the “grand prize” of athletic sports since Onomastos won the belt at the thirteenth Olympic Games in Greece in 880 B.C.

On December 26th 1908 in a twenty-round boxing match for the world championship Jack Johnson became the first black man to become the heavyweight boxing champion of the world. There is a catch phrase associated with Jack Johnson and it’s called, THE GREAT WHITE HOPE; white America saw Jack Johnson as an abomination and they searched high and low for a great white boxer to whip his black ass and teach him his place in White America. Their search was in vain, they never found a white boxer to put Jack Johnson in his place or the place they felt he should be in.
Jack Johnson would not bend for white America, he was determined not to conform to what white America thought he should be. Jack Johnson was his own man, he was highly intelligent, and he knew the power given him being the world
heavyweight champion. He was wealthy beyond any black man’s wildest dreams, he also did things so outlandish white America thought he was crazy.

Jack Johnson was married four times, all of his wives were white women and his first wife , Etta Duryea killed herself because she found out Jack Johnson was having an affair with another white woman. In October 1912 Jack Johnson was arrested under the Man Act, which had been passed to stop Jack Johnson from bringing white prostitutes across state lines. A white woman named Belle Schreiber, daughter of a Milwaukee policeman was the woman Jack Johnson was charged.
Jack Johnson posted $15,000 bail and before his court date he sailed off to Paris, France. When he arrived in Paris he was hailed as a king. In the whole of Europe there were no laws preventing Jack Johnson from loving or being out in public with white women; it is noteworthy, Jack Johnson was a man who believed in marriage. In public and private he was a fine gentleman to each of his four white wives. I hasten to add, Jack Johnson was a wicked exhibitionist.
When he traveled abroad he carried no less that twenty suitcases and he also transported two of the most exotic automobiles money can buy, he wore Mink coats and Russian hats. The truth be told, white women sought him out and were introduced to him by other white men.

The rub to white America was Jack Johnson was a very, extremely wealthy Nigger that did not know his place.
His profile was worldwide, he was bigger than America, I dare say no athlete, not even the great Muhammad Ali was a
bigger sports figure in the world than Jack Johnson. After his fights riots broke out in all 50 states of the United States; blacks were hung from trees all over the South after Jack Johnson would beat some white boxer in the ring.   White America could not stomach the fact that Jack Johnson beat the crap out of every great white hope they put in front of him.  In Europe Jack Johnson was treated like a movie star; the crowds adored him wherever he showed his smiling face, in Paris, Brussels, Berlin, Vienna, Budapest, St. Petersburg, Madrid, Rome and even London. Only in white America was Jack Johnson looked upon as an abomination. Jack Johnson was not only the world heavyweight champ he was also an accomplished bullfighter (Matador) in Barcelona, Spain and in Paris, he worked as an actor. He was also a great entrepreneur in his home city of Chicago. In Chicago, Jack Johnson opened up a very elegant cafe called, “Cabaret de Champion” and on the walls of his cafe there hung a Rembrandt that he purchased while in Europe. Unlike many other prizefighters Jack Johnson was well read and he acquired enormous culture from his world travels and his contacts with leaders of art, science, politics, and industry. Jack Johnson loved listening to classical music and he even played the viol.
In October 1936, as an actor he played the role of Rhadames, the Ethiopian general in the Chicago Grand Opera’s production of Aida.

“Of course, I had dreams and desires that are common to youth, but never in the wildest moments of my boyhood imagination did I vision myself the champion fighter of the world and the first man of my race to attain that distinction. Never did I imagine myself in the picturesque costume of a Spanish matador, or the victor in the bullfighting arena, surrounded of the festival in historic Barcelona.”

—Jack Johnson

I hasten to add, the very first bullfighting he took part in as a matador he killed three bulls in one day at Barcelona.

The Great White Hope is a Pulitzer Prize Winning play and it was later turned in to a feature film; in the stage play on Broadway and on film the actor was the great James Earl Jones. In the ad to sell the movie the quote read:

–Martin Ritt
( Film Director)


Charles Micheaux and Lisa Denton star in “The Great White Hope.”

Feb 1, 1994


George Washington Carver Was Not Gay, But Castrated (Updated 2021)

Me after lecture on George Washington Carver at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Baltimore, Maryland. 2002.

“The challenges of writing of this enigmatic genius–black bisexual protean–are perennial and well known.” –Daniel Mark Epstein


George Washington Carver a black bisexual…how phucking absurd!
Recently I read a very poorly researched biography on the life of
George Washington Carver written by Christina Vella.

The book is titled:


This claim that George Washington Carver was bisexual is a flat out lie.
Some have concluded that because George Washington Carver never married or had any children that he was gay, I write today to refute such wrong minded notions as pure rubbish. The truth of the matter is that George Washington Carver was castrated by his white master to prevent the possibility young George would one day have sexual relations with his daughter.

White historians are ashamed to write of this horrible, most vile act done to such a humble and noble human being. Today, there are only a few who have known the true story of this castration done to George Washington Carver.
Dick Gregory and myself are the only two men it seems to me in America who know the truth about George Washington Carver’s castration.
In 1983 I was asked to portray George Washington Carver in an Off-Broadway play called CARVER. In my research for the role I read every book ever written on George Washington Carver and even to day my study of his life continues.

Scholar’s outside the United States have been more honest and accurate in facts pertaining to the life of George Washington Carver. Why do white American historians distort the truth? It is also astonishing to me that any publishing house would allow a book with such a grand and outlandish lie go to press?

The book publisher of this  trash of a book is:

Baton Rouge, Louisiana

In the last ten years there has been a hard push to make George Washington Carver into a Gay Icon, which he is not and never will be. I am also one of the top scholars in the world on the life of the great George Washington Carver. God gives us only one view to see George Washington Carver and that view is up!

If you are going to write about George Washington Carver don’t make up shit; just do your research correctly and tell the truth. Nobody likes a Liar!

Charles Micheaux
President- The George Washington Carver Society


For info on The George Washington Carver Society go to YouTube and simply type in THE GEORGE WASHINGTON CARVER SOCIETY.


John Brown American Abolitionist Icon

“I don’t think the people of slave states will ever consider the subject of slavery in its true light till some other argument is resorted to other than moral  persuasion.” –John Brown


John Brown advocated the use of armed insurrection to overthrow the institution of slavery in America. John Brown is best known for his daring, brazen and outrageous attempt in 1859 to overtake the federal armory at Harpers Ferry where he led 21 armed men. John Brown dissatisfied with the pacifism of the abolitionist movement led a raid at Harpers Ferry. His plan was to take arms from the armory and then provoke an insurrection in Northern Virginia, in which escaped slaves could flee and also join in the insurrection with the hope that force maybe multiplied. The great novelist Herman Melville said of John Brown, “John Brown was the meteor of the Civil War.” Today when we reflect on the Civil War we would be remiss to ignore the great contribution John Brown made to its birth and the birth of freedom for all non white people in America. During John Brown’s boyhood years is where he first discovered the gross injustice of slavery.

Recently, the subject of slavery, and the very question of slavery was re-examined by one, Kanye West. The very provocative rapper claimed on national television that slavery was in fact a choice.

“When you hear about slavery for 400 years.
400 years?
That sound like a choice.”
–Kanye West

The Twitter orbit was set ablaze and hence America is reminded again of the blasphemy of slavery. I would make the proposition that Kanye West does not even know who John Brown was or what he did. I would further say that Kanye West is ignorant of American history for his comments about slavery are too twisted to consider seriously. During John Brown’s early adulthood years he moved many times from the 1820’s to the 1850’s; he took part in the Underground Railroad, and he even donated land to free Black Americans.
In 1850 John Brown attended lectures by Frederick Douglass and Sojourner Truth at the “Free Church” in Springfield, Massachusetts. Today the Church is known as St. John’s Congregational Church, and John Brown’s Bible is still on display there today.

The failed attempt at Harpers Ferry electrified the nation; many did not understand why John Brown went to such great lengths like murder and such. John Brown firmly believed that peaceful resistance was ineffective and the only way to conquer the system of slavery was to meet it with violence.

John Brown and his men were quickly surrounded at Harpers Ferry by U.S. Marines, Pro-Slavery Farmers. John Brown and his men were greatly out numbered and after 36 hours they were taken into custody.
John Brown’s insurrection held out for two days; many of the men he led were killed, including two of his sons. During his trial before he was sentenced to death by hanging he spoke to the court on November 2, 1859.

“If it deemed necessary that I should forfeit my life for the furtherance of the ends of justice, and mingle my blood further with the blood of my children and the blood of millions in this slave country whose rights are disregarded by wicked, cruel, and unjust enactments–I submit; so let it be done.”
–John Brown

A month later while seated on top of his coffin, John Brown rode quietly to his execution and his final utterance was:
“This is a beautiful country.” –John Brown
(December 2nd, 1859)

Historian Richard Boyer states:
“John Brown was an American who gave his life that millions of other Americans might be free.”

John Brown was a man who deeply believed in God, John Brown is also the most revered anti-slavery icon in American history.

John Brown was born on  May 9th 1800.

Charles Micheaux